A 74-Year-Old Man In Utah Is Walking Miles Daily To Find A Kidney Donor For His Ailing Wife

Updated on 26 Oct, 2017 at 1:00 pm


A 74-year-old man from Utah has taken to the streets in desperation to find a kidney donor for his wife, who is suffering from Stage 5 kidney failure. He has been donning a sandwich board to spread his message to everyone.


Wayne Winters walks for miles daily, even when his health does not permit so Twitter

Wayne Winters started walking down the streets near his home in Farr West, Utah, for miles since early this week. All he would take with him is a huge sandwich board with the message, “Need Kidney 4 Wife,” written over it in bold. This message would be accompanied by his telephone number.

Talking to the the media, the septuagenarian Winters said:


“I don’t walk real fast. I’m trying to get a kidney for my wife. She’s on dialysis and she doesn’t like it. It’s horrible.”

According to the worried husband, the idea of using a sandwich board for spreading his message struck his mind after he saw a man using the same technique to gain national attention.

When inquired if he has got enough attention already, Winters said that a kind man had noticed his message on the very first day and said he would get medically tested to find if he is a perfect match for the transplant. However, unless Winters gets a confirmed match, he said he will continue to spread his message.

Interestingly, while the front portion of the board brings attention to his wife’s case, the reverse side notes the thousands of others who could benefit from organ donation. Talking about how he wishes to contribute to the society even after his wife gets well, Winters said:

“After I get a kidney I will have my wife back the way she was, normal, helping people, loving people. She likes to serve other people.”

Winters efforts to save his wife from the clutches of death is being appreciated by others, who perhaps cannot help him by donating a kidney. They are trying to spread his request as far as possible.

In fact, it won’t be wrong to term this man as a epitome of love and kindness. And Twitter feels absolutely:


If you are in the United States, can you help Winters in his quest to find a kidney?

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