20 Reasons Why Indians Cannot Live Without Gamcha

5:38 pm 15 May, 2015

1. Sitting or sleeping on gamcha is always an option in case you don’t have any bedsheet around.


2. Cover yourself with gamcha to shoo away bloody mosquitoes.


3. Dry yourself after taking a bath.



4. And did we mention it takes only a couple of minutes to dry out?


5. Still some people use gamcha instead of tiffin boxes to carry lunch. Also, it’s a handbag for many while shopping locally.



6. You can use gamcha to store water as well. Just soak it in nearest available resource and wring wherever you need.



7. It’s one of the best alternatives of lungi.



8. You can make a turban out of it, and it’s actually cool.



9. If your head is fully covered with gamcha, you can confront the scorching heat of the sun.



10. It’s especially helpful when an injury needs to be dealt with immediately, but you’re running out of bandages.



11. Catching fish isn’t a tough job, if you’re a gamcha savvy.


12. Wrap it around your face to prevent air pollution. Its thin clothing helps beat suffocation.



13. You can hide your face while running away from someone.



14. Don’t discard your gamcha once it gets old. It’s a great help in wiping away household dust.


15. You can use gamcha to hold hot utensils. A decent grip easily prevents hand burns.



16. If your bike is parked in the direct sunlight, well, you can avoid your a** from heating up using gamcha.



17.  Use a gamcha to fight off bandits, dacoits and all those unwanted barnacles that pester you and your girl.



18. And how do they play cards in trains? Yes, you know! Gamcha bichai ke.


19. You don’t need a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off your face.


20. Gamcha is a popular fashion statement among those who prefer a rough look.




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