17 Fascinating Revelations On How Sex Products Are Bought Or Used In India

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 6:54 pm

That’s Personal, a sexual wellness startup that sells adult products, recently released a finding on the trends and usage patterns of sex products in India. The company has carried out the study, analysing the buying patterns and sales data from its millions of visitors, for over four years. And they recently released the findings of their research which also resulted in revealing some fascinating insights into how Indians have sex or behave in their bedroom. 

Following are some fascinating facts about usage patterns of sex products in India as revealed by the study:

1. Maharashtra tops the list that bought most sex products among the states in India.

It is followed by Karnataka, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.


2. Interestingly, Gujarat jumps from 6th to 3rd position on the list during the Navratri season.

One wonders why.


3. When it comes to individual cities, Mumbai tops the list, followed by Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata.

However, if Noida and Gurugram are included in Delhi, then Delhi beats Mumbai in terms of sales.


4. Overall, 62% of the buyers are men and 38% are women.


5. Vadodara, Pune, and Thiruvananthapuram have more women buyers than men.


6. With 44% of the customers, people of age group between 25-34 buy or use the most sex products in the country.


7. The most purchased sex product amongst men is lubricants while for women it is intimate massagers.


8. Nurse costume is the most bought roleplay product, and handcuffs the most kinky ones.

The best performance male product is bathmate penis pump, and female product is womanizer pro 40.


9. West Bengal buys the most candy panties.

“They love to eat, even in bed,” is what That’s Personal says.


10. Assam buys kinky and BDSM products the most.


11. Punjab women order sexcitement items the most.


12. Telangana men buy maximum number of men’s thongs.

No, this man is not from Telangana, but that white thing is what it looks like.


13. Uttar Pradesh purchases maximum penis enlargement products.

Must be men from UP like to pump it hard.


14. Panjim, Goa, orders most massage oils in the country.

People in Panjim like it smooth!


15. Highest number of self-pickups happens in Nagpur.


16. Bhopal buys the most flavored condoms in the country.


17. Mangalore places the biggest average order in the country.


Needless to mention, That’s Personal has delivered to 1123 cities and town across India. And, interestingly, India is the 5th most sexually active country in the world.

You can read the entire research here.