US Govt Plans To Ask Visa Applicants To Reveal Social Media Info And Old Phone Numbers

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6:27 pm 9 Apr, 2018


The US government has decided to make the rules stricter for applying for visa. The step that has been taken to curb illegal migration and lessen the rampant terrorist attacks in the country. The new rules and laws for applying for US visa are likely to affect 47 lakh people across the globe.


Media reports said, applicants for US visa will have to disclose their email IDs, social media accounts’ info and will have to provide all the phone numbers they used in the past five years. Apart from these, the person will also have to reveal the details of his international travels in the last five years, information on deportation, and information about family members and their occupation.




The US government stated that they will give 60 days time for the applicants to make suggestions related to these new rules. Any denial to reveal the information will strictly lead to denial of the visa.



At present, the US visa application form is comparatively less detailed than Europe’s. However, one needs to get extensive tests and examination done before applying for one and one can be stopped at the airport upon arrival for further questioning. Apart from citizens of Canada, UK and Bermuda, all nationalities have to fill in immigration forms or ESTA and pass through customs.




The Trump administration has been taking serious steps to stop illegal immigration and other illegal activities in the country. During the election campaign, Donald Trump had also promised that he would build a wall along the US-Mexico border to stop Mexicans and other illegal immigrants from entering the US.