Popular US Travel Vlogger Allegedly Sexually Assaulted In Delhi Hotels, Tells Her Terrifying Story

8:14 pm 14 Sep, 2018


As sad as it can be, but it is a fact that India is one of the most unsafe countries for women in the world. While this has been proved by a recent poll by the global experts at the Thomson Reuters Foundation that India is perceived as the most dangerous country for women, sexual assaults on women are on the rise in the country within each passing day. From sexual violence to rape, this is a horrifying reality about the largest democracy in the world.

And what is worse when it happens to tourists who visit India in order to experience the cultural heritage and diversity in the country. Reportedly, a popular YouTube travel vlogger from the United States recently visited India but left with the most disturbing experience of her lifetime.




This popular YouTube travel vlogger with the name ‘Travellight’ took a trip to India with her boyfriend in July as a part of her business collaboration. While she was thrilled about the trip, she experienced the worst of the country in only a week on her trip to India. She recently, posted a vlog about her experiences in India and the title of the video took us by surprise. In the video, she alleged that she faced sexual assault in the hotel where she was staying in the city of Delhi.



Titled to be ‘This Happened In India// Sexual Assault’, US travel vlogger Jordan Taylor narrated her terrorizing nightmare in India stating that she was sexually assaulted on the streets of India in the presence of her boyfriend Livio.

Seemingly, the US travel vlogger started the video with some beautiful experiences in India, but then shared the harrowing ordeal of being trapped in the hotel room in Delhi with several men standing outside the door with no access to water and drinkable water.


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Lately in my travels… I have felt massive amounts of guilt and stress over letting you guys down. I have only uploaded 2 videos in the past 4 or 5 weeks, and I feel guilty and as if I am wasting time, that I need to be more productive. In India, I felt that it was the very first place I failed to capture on film. I will talk about my mistakes in a video, but basically because of how I chose to travel around the country, I went through cities too fast, didn’t really make any new friends, and felt as if I was failing every day at filming. Wifi would be out, so I wasn’t always able to upload… but then when it was working, I would think: Should I spend 30 hours shut inside my hotel editing? Or go explore? I need to film, I want to explore… but I need to edit and upload videos too! I went from India to Guatemala, where the balance was more of the same (to film / enjoy the trip or to hide out somewhere editing?) and then came to Florida to see my family. On my birthday earlier this month, I promised myself that I wouldn’t touch a camera or answer emails or edit at all, but I felt guilty, like I’m letting you guys down. On my Mom’s birthday, I tried to do the same, but footage needed to be sent, companies spoken to, videos edited… Filming is such a positive for me, and I genuinely love it and am so very happy to be making a living by doing what I love. But I need to give myself a break sometimes. Thank you guys for all of the support and for understanding! * * #travel #traveling #india #jaipur #palace #jodhpur #india_gram #amazingindia #doors #traveller #travelgram #travelersnotebook #photography #travelphotograpy #destination_wow #agameoftones #wearetravelgirls #roamingwomen #girlslovetravel #darlingescapes

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Shockingly, in the video, Jordan emotionally described two days of repeated harassment and then there is about nine-minute footage of a shadow outside her hotel room door. She stayed in two different hotels, one out of which even gave her personal details to a stalker.

“From that very morning they started acting completely different to me. At one point, one of them even followed me up the stairs. They called the room, and I know for a fact that it was hotel employees because this phone is only for hotel use […] and they said into the phone, ‘Heyyyy babyyyy!’ I hung up. They called the room again and it was just silent and not saying anything. […] The next day, they call the room, I pick up and they were just making sexual noises… breathing. There is no way that this was normal breathing into the phone.”



The US travel vlogger has mentioned in her video post that action has been taken against the hotels where she was sexually assaulted. Within 24 hours of releasing the video, the hotel where the incident took place was shut down by the chain.

In the comments, US travel vlogger clarified about the queries of her followers:



Answering the questions!



Unexpectedly, at the end of the video, the US travel vlogger said that in spite of facing such a frustrating situation in the country, she still looks forward to visiting India again in the future. Somehow, the US travel vlogger managed to escape the hotel in the morning when she realized that there was nobody outside the room, but the trauma stayed with her through the flight.


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Being a foreign woman, feeling uncomfortable in India is sadly inevitable. From being stared at by men to being groped or sexually-harassed on several occasions, women have faced disturbing experiences in the country almost every other day. It seems like there is no stopping to this!



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