How The US Police Behaved Stupidly By Arresting A Sikh Boy Over A Bomb Joke

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:35 pm

The boy, Armaan Singh Sarai, a student of Nichols Junior High School in Arlington, Texas, admitted to the police he only joked to a classmate about bringing a bomb in his backpack.

The police had arrested him and put him behind bars for three days. His family alleges that Armaan was framed by a class bully.


Speaking on the matter, Arlington police Lt. Christopher Cook has now said, “Schools take bomb threats seriously, and that even joking about having a bomb at school is considered a terroristic threat – a felony.”

The police was right that something like this was not to be taken so lightly given the countless school shootings and bomb threats.

But the simple facts about this case as highlighted by his cousin Ginee Haer in a Facebook post and the police itself raise a serious question on police functioning in US.


  • We have a 12-year-old boy. (The age does matter.)
  • The police confirmed that the school evacuated a nearby classroom following the joke and the teacher concluded that Sarai’s backpack DIDN’T contain a bomb. It was after this that the school called the police.
  • The police arrives and takes the boy away, and puts him in prison. Did they actually look into Armaan’s bag? Why did they not question him in the school itself?
  • Armaan’s family is not informed till the time THEY call up the police station after growing worried about him not returning.
  • His cousin, Ginee, informs in her post that Armaan has had three open heart surgeries. So we now have a boy with serious medical ailment in prison for three days for a joke.
  • Sarai’s older brother Aksh Singh said other students, too, were joking about bombs but only the “Indian boy was taken into police custody”. This points at racial discrimination.


This is why Ginee was very critical of the US police in her post.



This goofball on the left in this picture is my 12 year old cousin, Armaan Singh Sarai. He was born and raised in Texas…

Posted by Ginee Haer on Tuesday, 15 December 2015


If this is how the police in the United States of America functions, why in the blue hell do they call this poor chap a dictator?


US Dictator