A Woman In Kanpur Became A One-Day-Billionaire Because Of SBI’s Goof Up

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2:25 pm 27 Jul, 2015

A woman from Kanpur opened a savings account by depositing Rs.2,000 with the State Bank of India. A normal thing, you say. But what followed was not only shocking but can be termed bizarre.

Urmila Yadav, who works as a domestic help in Kanpur, became the richest woman on the planet…for a day because of an SBI ‘procedure’.

Upon checking her account balance, she was shocked to find out that it had been credited with Rs.95,71,16,98,647, reports Times of India. Yes, more than Rs.95,000 crores!


After depositing Rs.2000 in her bank account, Urmila received two text messages from the bank. The first SMS stated that her account has been credited with Rs.9,99,999. The second one showed that Rs.9.97 lakh had been deducted leaving a balance of Rs.2,000.

When she went to bank to check her balance, she discovered that her balance stood at Rs.95,71,16,98,647.14.


Stunned over the development, the bank officials immediately apprised their seniors who in turn froze the account. Rakesh Kumar Khatri, the manager of the SBI branch, said:

“We will check how this happened and who made the blunder. The bank has now activated Urmila’s account after rectifying the error. The computer data is now displaying the correct balance of Rs.2,000 in her saving account.”



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