18 Facts You Must Know About UPTU, India’s Largest Technical University

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4:50 pm 13 Apr, 2015


1. UPTU is the largest technical university in India by affiliation. The UPTU website claims that it “probably” is the largest such university in Asia.

2. It is divided into five zones, with 150-160 colleges in each.

3. In its 2013 report, the UPTU put the number of affiliated colleges under it at 663.

4. UPTU has an enrollment capacity of a staggering 2,10,885 students across disciplines.

UPTU Enrollment


5. Its motto in Sanskrit is Yogaḥ Karmasu Kauśalam, which, in English, means excellence in action is yoga.


6. The university was founded on May 8, 2000 and its first vice-chancellor was Dr. D.S. Chauhan, who remained in office till 2006.

7. The UPTU has no separate premises of its own. Its operates from the IET campus in Lucknow.

8. Some famous colleges under UPTU are Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI), Kanpur; Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), Lucknow; J.S.S Academy of Technical Education, Noida; and Galgotia College of Engineering & technology, Greater Noida.

These are not the only ones, though.

9. In 2010, the university was bifurcated into GBTU and MTU.


10. Just three years later, as the political climate of the state changed, the two separate universities were merged back as UPTU.

11. With more than 80 colleges, Ghaziabad and Lucknow have the highest number of UPTU affiliated institutions.



12. In 2013-14 period, the number of UPTU affiliated colleges offering MBA were more than the combined number of colleges offering BTech and MTech.



BTech in UPTU


MTech in UPTU


13. In 1959, IIT-K used the canteen building of the HBTI to hold classes.

14. UPTU joined hands with WAITRO, a UN body of research and technology. It can now work on collaborative R&D projects with 180 WAITRO organisations in 86 countries.

15. An overwhelming 66 percent of its 2,10,885 student intake in all programs in 2013-14 were in BTech programmes alone.



16. The Student Welfare Fund has the provision of paying a compensation of Rs.1 Lakh to a parent or student in the eventuality of the accidental death of a student or parent, respectively.



17. UPTU has a song of its own. It is this:



18. They, however, do not have an official social media presence in this day and age.

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