Fake Facebook Accounts Creeps Out UPSC Topper Tina Dabi: Says Let Me Enjoy Success

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2:34 pm 17 May, 2016


22 year old Tina Dabi has become a celebrity ever since the UPSC results got announced. She is the first Dalit girl to top the UPSC exam. News channels were flooded with her interviews and statements. There was not limit to the happiness for her and her family till a Whatsapp message came as an alarm.




The LSR graduate has got a lot of fame and led to numerous pages being created with her name on Facebook. But, the thing that creeped Dabi out was the existence of fake accounts of her name on Facebook. She got to know that there are more that 35 fake Facebook accounts under her name. Each account has her photographs with her parents and her interview recordings. Dabi, after going through these accounts said that the accounts are misquoting her. She told that she has never said things like “Dear obstacle, I will destroy you…” or “May the god gives endurance and encouragement to all the human beings so that they can live joyful life”.

One of the most circulated statement under her name was:


…I know who has been inspiring me and he our P.M. Narendra Modi. Am I compelled to admit Ambedkar ji as my idol just because I belong to S.C. category? Why this ‘Jai Bhim’ comments everywhere? I am a great admirer of Baba Saheb. What he had done for the backward categories is laudable. He had worked towards the upliftment of the dalits but he had never supported ‘reservation’. The system of reservation was in our constitution for very short period but the politicians are using it as a tool for their vote banks.


Dr. B.R. Ambedkar has done a lot for the backward classes and Dabi, who is a Dalit, was asked in various interviews about whom she idolizes. To which she answered:

There is a dispute between who I idolize. During all my interviews, I said it’s a deeply personal question and I maintain that I have great regard for both these personalities but I did not make that statement.



Tina was worried about the growing misleading popularity which Facebook was getting her and sent a notification about the deactivation of her fake profiles due to repeated complaints by Facebook users. Dabi soon updated a facebook status stating that

…none of the ridiculous statements being made under my name are my opinions…



The UPSC topper is a bit upset with all that has happened. Where social media is giving people a platform for free speech, some are using it for a very different reason. Tina Dabi is out facing the real world. Though these little things might shock her, we believe she will soon get used to such nonsense.

I am a simple 22-year-old girl who has needlessly been dragged into this controversy. It’s heartbreaking that some people won’t let me enjoy my success after all the hard work I put in.



Source: Indian Express