If You Are Suffering From Monday Blues, These Quotes Are Perfect To Lift Your Mood

8:30 am 23 Jul, 2018


I open my eyes, grudgingly look at the alarm clock, roll my eyes, and give out a long sigh! Well, is this how you wake up every Monday morning? Then this article is perfect for you. There are hardly people who don’t suffer from this global syndrome called Monday blues. Every week this day comes to remind us that the euphoric bliss of weekend is over and now it’s time to drag our asses to the workplace.

So, we decided to give a motivating turn to our Monday blues. Thus, we have collected such quotes that are uplifting and will certainly inspire you.


1. Worrying kills!


walt disney quotes Monday Blues


2. Are you a keen observer?


Monday Blues quotes


3. Today is called present as it’s a gift!


dale carnegie quotes to beat Monday Blues


4. We are product of our experiences


julia soul quotes deal with Monday Blues


5. Never stop exploring life


inspirational quotes Monday Blues


6. Not everything is your problem


polish proverb quotes Monday Blues


7. You always have to give it all



inspiring quotes


8. We often underestimate our true potential


bob marley quotes motivating


9. True!


how to beat Monday Blues?


10. Enjoy it!


johann wolfgang von goethe


11. Learn from mistakes


inspiring quotes


12. The only person stopping you is you


inspiring quotes


13. Let go of the past


inspirational quotes


14. Silence often speaks the loudest


lao tzu quotes beat Monday Blues