16 New Upcoming Hollywood Movies Of 2018-19 Which Will Excite The Cinephiles

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Updated on 1 Dec, 2018 at 1:43 pm


Though more than half the year has gone by, cinema lovers must already be hunting for upcoming Hollywood movies of 2018. In terms of entertainment, it has been a great year so far. Cinephiles got more than their fair share of satisfaction through some great Hollywood movies like Avengers: Infinity WarDeadpool 2 and quite a few others. But there is a lot of 2018 yet to go so here is the list of the upcoming Hollywood movies of 2018 for lovers of cinema and Hollywood.


 List of upcoming Hollywood movies of 2018-19:-


1. Destination Wedding


The story revolves around two people who hate everything about the wedding they’re about to attend, including each other. But over the course of the wedding, they start liking one another. This definitely sounds intriguing to be under the ‘movie to look forward to’ from the upcoming Hollywood movies of 2018.



2. The Spy Who Dumped Me

Two best friends get entangled in the middle of an international conspiracy. They’re out to uncover some truths about an ex-boyfriend of one of them.


upcoming Hollywood movies of 2018

Teaser Trailer


3. The Nun

Another one in the Conjuring saga will get added to list this year. The Nun is one of the upcoming Hollywood movies of 2018 which has the horror movie lovers pretty excited. This one will circle around a malicious force in the form of a terrifying nun.



4. The Darkest Minds

Three teens who possess mysterious powers are seen as a threat and hence captured. They escape and set out to take revenge and fight the adults who tried to take away their future. The plot and story sound exciting and make this one a movie to look forward to in the upcoming Hollywood movies of 2018.



5. A Star Is Born

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are paired opposite each other is one of the upcoming Hollywood movies of 2018. The plot sounds very much like Aashiqui but this is Hollywood so the outcome might be better and different. Who knows? Much definitely something to look forward to for RomCom fans.



6. First Man

Oscar winning director of La La Land brings us a movie circling around the year preceding to the first man’s landing on moon. It will cover the life story of Neil Armstrong in between the years 1961 to 1969. Sounds pretty exciting and thus making it one of the most awaited upcoming Hollywood movies of 2018.



7. Smallfoot

A human is discovered by Migo, a member of the Yeti community. As per the trailer what ensues seems to be amusing and hilarious as the Yeti are unaware of the existence of humans. This looks like definitely one animated upcoming Hollywood movie of 2018 to look forward to.



8. Slender Man

Another horror movie which looks terrifying but exciting in the upcoming Hollywood movies of 2018 is this on. Four teenage girls in trying to debunk the lore of a horrifying man perform a ritual but instead things get worse.



9. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

We’ll be seeing Meryl Streep again! And that’s a treat for cinema lovers. So this sequel to the 2008 Mamma Mia will be another RomCom to look forward to in the upcoming Hollywood movies of 2018.



10. The House With A Clock In Its Walls

A secret world of witches and warlocks is awakened by ten-year-old Lewis. This horror fantasy movie’s trailer looks quite intriguing with the mysterious creaky old house with contains a ticktock clock. This is also upcoming Hollywood movie of 2018 to look forward to.



11. Mission Impossible-Fallout

Another one in the Mission Impossible installment is definitely exciting news for action movie lovers. This one claims to be ‘a race against time’ as Ethan Hunt and his team find themselves in the middle of a mission gone wrong.



12. Mile 22

Action movie lovers must be pretty excited after the power packed trailer of this upcoming Hollywood movie of 2018. Mark Wahlberg looks quite promising as the lead in this CIA based movie. The plot revolves around the retrieval of an asset which holds some life-threatening information.



13. The Meg

Fans of movies like Jaws and Jurassic Park would be excited with this upcoming Hollywood movie of 2018. The sci-fi thriller will talk about the crew of a submersible which gets trapped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. But there is even bigger threat than drowning, the 75-foot-long Megalodon shark!



14. Crazy Rich Asians

When Rachel accompanies her longtime boyfriend Nick to a wedding in Singapore, little did she expect that it would turn out to be the most life altering experiences for her. Apart from learning that her boyfriend’s family is super rich she finds herself to be the subject of everyone’s jealousy, even her boyfriend’s mother.



15. The Equalizer 2

Another action movie and the second installment in The Equalizer series, Robert is out to seek revenge and justice in his own way when his friend and former colleague is killed off by thugs.



16. Johnny English Strikes Again

Our beloved Mr.Bean a.k.a. Rowan Atkinson returns in this spy humor movie. The trailer in itself looks quite funny and movie lovers are definitely looking forward to Johnny English’s new adventures in this upcoming Hollywood movie of 2018.



These upcoming Hollywood movies give us hope that 2018 will continue to be a good year for cinema lovers.



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