Uttar Pradesh To Introduce Gujarat’s ITS Model In Ghaziabad For Traffic Management

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4:08 pm 19 May, 2016


Taking a leaf out of Gujarat’ s page, Uttar Pradesh has proposed to replicate Ahmedabad’s Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) in the city of Ghaziabad so as to solve its traffic congestion problem.

One of the biggest problems Ghaziabad faces is traffic congestion which is seen as a big drawback for its smart city race.


NH 24 During a Jam Getty

NH 24 During a Jam Getty

The cost of the proposed ITS project is said to be Rs.151 crore approximately and will be implemented on all the three national highways in the state.

The ITS is believed to be a part of UP’s revised Smart City entry plan for Ghaziabad.


Ahmedabad is the first and only city in India to implement ITS on its ring roads and uses camera-based sensors to manage the traffic.

The sensors project vehicle density, determining automated functioning of traffic lights and thus giving advance warnings of congestion to commuters on LED display boards.


ITS in Ahemdabad Ahemdabad Life

ITS in Ahemdabad. Ahemdabad Life

Ghaziabad’s average traffic speed is just about 25-30 kms per hour and even less at 15-25 kms per hour during peak hours.

UP government plans to fill part of the revenue needed for the project through advertisements on these LEDs.


On an average about 30,000 PCUs pass through the city per day on three national highways – NH-24, NH-58 and NH-91.


Making it tech friendlier, Ghaziabad’s ITS also envisages a mobile-based application which will disburse traffic related information and give ‘travel time prediction’ to commuters.



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