UP Police Tried To Find Meaning In A Popular Meme, And This Is How Twitter Reacted

6:34 pm 11 Aug, 2018


Various police departments all over the country are concerned for the safety of their citizens. Every now and then, the official twitter accounts of the most reputed police departments are seen tweeting valuable guidelines for the safety and security of their citizens. Recently, we saw the official twitter handle of UP Police tweeting something extremely valuable. This comes in the wake of rising crimes against women in the country. Not to be forgotten that the numbers are significantly high in Uttar Pradesh.

As a new way to increase awareness amongst the people of Uttar Pradesh, the social media department of UP Police updated a very thoughtful meme which instantly garnered huge appreciation and a positive response from the Twitter users.


UP Police 1





The meme has been turned into a thought provoking message and this was a part of the campaign by the UP Police which insisted that there are no double meanings when a woman says ‘no’ to anything!


UP Police




Take a look at the tweet below:



As soon as the tweet hit the micro-blogging platform, people used their own creativity to make this look more interesting. Here are some of the most interesting memes we found on Twitter:







Previously, the UP Police had used a different clip to convey the message about consent and also got a positive response from the followers. The cops used a Tinder ad to create awareness about the issue. What do you think about their message? Tell us in comments below.