For UP Police Nothing Is Impossible, Even Firing Gun Shots With Mouth!

3:08 pm 15 Oct, 2018


There is no doubt that the police have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to security of its citizens. The basic requirements are of course: being smart, fit and disciplined.  And I am sure that you must have heard of this famous famous saying: ‘Police ke hath bahut lambe hote hai.’ Well, it is literally true when it comes to UP police.

On October 12, a hilarious event occurred during an encounter by UP police. It will certainly make you believe how the policemen were out of sync, during this mission. Some of these policemen were chasing some criminals near the Sambal district of Uttar Pradesh. Following them, the policemen ventured inside the jungle.

UP police in funny incidents



To bring out the criminals out of forest, the policemen had to obviously fire. But unluckily, the gun got jammed and they had to mimic the sound of guns during the encounter.

A video of the incident, which has since gone viral, shows police officers shouting ‘thain, thain’ to imitate the sound of a gun while chasing a wanted criminal named Rukhsar. A policeman could be seen struggling with his jammed pistol in the video, while others were seen firing in the air.



One of the police officers in the incident has clarified that his pistol got jammed so he thought of shouting ‘maaro maaro, ghero ghero’ along with thain thain‘ so that the criminals get scared.




Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of crimes across India. It also has the world’s largest police force, but 80 per cent of these cops are missing. No not missing in action but they haven’t been appointed yet! And those appointed at times do such things which you can’t imagine.



In another incident last year, a video emerged showing a police constable dancing on stage with woman performers during a function in Shravasti district in UP. Not surprisingly the cop was said to be on duty, drunk!



The video shows the unnamed constable matching three stage dancers step-by-step.



The constable even offers money to the dancers while dancing with them on a Bhojpuri number showcasing his thumkas!




The UP police caught in such shameful incidents is not to be proud of. Police are there to save its citizens and not making fun of themselves. What do you think?

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