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UP Police Allegedly Tore Dalit Couple’s Clothes Off When They Protested Against Their Indifference

Updated on 9 July, 2016 at 1:23 pm By

In a horrifying incident brought forward by Hindi Daily Hari Bhoomi, a Dalit couple was allegedly stripped naked by the UP Police in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


The daily reveals that the Thursday incident happened because the couple insisted on registering an FIR for alleged robbery which the police refused.

When the couple staged a protest outside the police station, the irked policemen went on to beat them and then tore off their clothes.

What is more horrifying is the fact that the couple had come to the police station with their infant child and this whole scenario took place the child was still in his mother arms.

The news states that the victim, Sunil Gautam, was robbed by miscreants late on Wednesday night near Atta in Noida.


Wanting to report his misgiving and to bring criminals to task, he went with his wife and young child to Dankaur police station in Greater Noida to register an FIR.

On approaching the police, the posted officials not only refused to lodge his complaint, but the SHO went on to misbehave with him and his wife.

Gautam staged a protest outside the police station which led to the cops assaulting them and tearing their clothes off.


Bystanders captured pictures and video of the incident and someone posted it on Facebook, where it went viral.

It has been reported that following the incident, five people, including three women, have been arrested by the police.

The five have also been booked under IPC Sections 307, 232, 323, 147, 148, 353, 294, 394; however, it is not clear if the couple are among these 5 who have been booked.

After the video went viral on social media, an official Twitter account belonging to the Government of UP put the blame on Dalit couple.



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