WhatsApp Leads A Man To Call Off His Wedding. Find Out What Happened

5:10 pm 10 Sep, 2018


The stress of a wedding can be too much to handle for some couples. Even after planning for days, there can be times when you think you should call the wedding off. Incidentally, there can be numerous outrageous reasons due to which the marriage is called off by the bride or groom unexpectedly. Incidentally, we have come across a similar incident from Uttar Pradesh, where the groom gave the most unexpected reason for calling off the wedding.

Apparently, a family staying in Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha region did not turn up to the marriage destination at the bride’s house on the wedding day which was September 5. While the bride’s family waited for quite a while for the ‘baarat’ to show up, it never came. Disheartened, the bride’s father Urooj Mehandi went to the groom’s house to inquire what happened, and the groom gave him the most shocking reason to call off the marriage.



The father of the bride said:

“We were waiting for the groom’s family. When they did not turn up, we went to their house. The family refused to marry my daughter, alleging that she is not good as she spends too much time on WhatsApp.”



Yes, you read that right! Surprisingly, groom Qamar Haidar’s family called off the wedding because the bride used to spend too much time on the social messaging app, WhatsApp. According to Vipin Tada, Superintendent of Police in Amroha:

“The groom’s family refused to hold the marriage on September 5, the day the wedding was supposed to take place because the bride spent too much time on the messaging platform.”




Furthermore, after constant requests, the groom agreed to marry the girl but only on fulfilling an unexpected demand. Besides giving this bizarre reason for calling off the wedding, the groom allegedly demanded a massive dowry of Rs 65 lakh to marry the girl. Evidently, the bride’s father filed a complained against the groom and his family.



The girl’s father said:

“Later, when we pleaded, they agreed for the nikah but demanded a dowry of Rs 65 lakh.”


Seemingly, the UP police are acting on the complaint filed by the bride’s father as they said that they have received the complaint and a probe is underway. They will take action accordingly.



Well, WhatsApp became the groom’s reason for calling off the wedding. Who would have expected that spending time on WhatsApp would land a girl into troubles with her marriage? This is quite outrageous! What do you think? Let us know in the comments!