UP Man Arrested After Making Terror Threats In The US And The Reason Behind His Act Is Surprising

12:17 pm 4 Nov, 2018


Investment is always subjected to market risks. Sadly, there is no way around the same. Also, there are times when the investors are scammed in which they end up losing their money. Certainly, this kind of situations can arrive at any hour. Though sad, whenever something like this comes up then most of the people sought out legal help. Some also go ahead to lodge complaints with the police. However, this 18-year-old man decided to approach this issue in another way. He allegedly gave terror threats. Eventually, this UP man was arrested for making terror threats in the US.

This person invested around $1,000 to buy Bitcoins. However, he was duped by some scammer who ended up taking all his money. Initially, he lodged a complaint to the FBI. However, without any communication from their end, this man decided to take this path.




In lack of desired response, he started making calls to the FBI telling that he will blow up Miami airport. He went on saying that he will blow it up. Not once or twice, the man made calls from October 2 till October 31. While making the calls this is what he said:

“I will come with AK47, grenade, suicide belt and kill everyone.”



The man used Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to make the calls. Later he was traced on basis of his IP address. Naturally, as soon as his identity was disclosed, this UP man was arrested for making terror threats in the US.



FBI traced the person to Allahabad in UP and then the Uttar Pradesh police were contacted. Later he was arrested by Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and after interrogation, he confessed to making the threats.


Presently, legal action is initiated against him for such an action. What’s your take on this entire fiasco?