25 Unusual-shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Reincarnations

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Updated on 10 Jul, 2016 at 11:23 am


When you bring some tomatoes home, how would you expect the tomatoes to look? They should be round, plump and bright red. What if they are in the shape of a duck? These fruits are occasionally special as they forgot to be themselves and possess some human or animal characteristics.


1. The bear-like potato


2. The astronaut-like radish


3. The sophisticated radish

4. The duck-like tomato


5. Unconditional love between baby and mother carrot.


6. The elephant-like eggplant


7. The bear-like strawberry


8. Buddha-like pear

One of the most expensive fruits in the world.


9. Feet-like carrot


10. The terrified pepper


11. The football man carrot


12. The sitting down carrot


13. The duck-like pumpkin



14. Cartoon-like flower roots


15. The angry onion


16. The trying-to-escape radish


17. Gangnam style carrot


18. Unfortunate watermelon


19. Cute duckling


20. The potato bum


21. The berry that’ll make you blush


22. How about this chilly?


23. And this bum peaches


24. Five-toed radish


25. The boss broccoli

He airs his opinions.