Have You Seen These ‘Unusual’ Animals?

Updated on 15 Jan, 2019 at 4:27 pm


As an Indian, you might have grown up while listening to the stories of certain miracles. Idols drinking milk, rainfall, and animals born with deformities were all considered as miracles. And whenever such things happened, a crowd can be seen standing in the queue from all the nearby places, waiting to have a darshan of the miracles.

However, animals born with deformities are not miracles, but act of nature. And they are not just born in India, but all around the world. Let’s take a look at these animals from around the world, who are born with certain deformities.


Two-headed kitten – South Africa

A two-headed kitten was born in South Africa, who survived for only three days. Sad!




Conjoined piglets – China

There are many cases of conjoined piglets, and the recent one was in China.



Five-legged lamb – UK

A five-legged lamb was born in UK. Judging by the pic below, it seems to be happy and healthy.



Two-headed shark – Spain

There are many reported cases of the sight two-headed sharks. A while back, few fisherman caught a baby two-headed shark in their net.



Inbred tiger – Arkansas

His name is Kenny, and he was born of incest! Yes, his parents were brother and sister, and hence, he was born with severe inbreeding defects.



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