20 Unspoken Rules Of One-Night Stand You Should Know

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 6:56 pm


So you thought one-night stand didn’t have rules, unlike long-term relationships? Not all is rosy as it appears to be. We present to you the rule book you need to refer to:

1. Make sure you and your one-night stand are single.

You don’t want trouble.

2. Avoid saying ‘I love you’.

Because, of course, you don’t mean it!

3. Act casual on meeting your fling again.

There is nothing to feel awkward about.

4. No one-night stand with your ex.

You don’t want to end up discussing why your relationship didn’t work.

5. Never apologize after having a one-night stand.

Whatever the reason be, avoid saying ‘Sorry’.

6. If you’ve drunk too much, tell them.

You don’t want to end up puking at their place.

7. Remember their name.

It isn’t that hard.

8. Don’t ask personal questions.

Your fling is not in a relationship with you.

9. Don’t get too personal.


The same is expected from you, don’t over share!

10. Try not to over drink.

If you are not too sure of your fling, better to remain in your senses.

11. Reassure that your one-night stand is not your friend’s ex.

12. Don’t ask for his number if you don’t wish to see him again.

13. Don’t give your number (same reason as above).

14. Don’t sneak out.

Your one-night stand deserves a formal ‘bye’.

15. Share your health issue.

If it can put your one-night partner’s health at risk, you ought to share.

16. Don’t be too cuddly.

Looks good on people in love.

17. No promises, please!

You know why!

18. Offer breakfast to your one-night stand.

If not breakfast, a glass of water will also do.

19. Walk her out.

Men, be chivalrous! Don’t just show her the door.

20. Be safe!

Just be doubly sure you are not walking home with a psychopath.