Seven Famous Unsolved Mysteries From Around The World

10:00 am 15 Feb, 2015

1. SS Ourang Medan – the ship on which everyone onboard was found dead under mysterious circumstances.

In June 1947, a ship began sending distress signals to several ships in the area of the Strait of Malacca. The message said, “Au officers including captain are dead, lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.” Then a pause before it concluded, “I die.”
Later when the Ourang was rescued by another ship, all those on the entire Ourang were dead. Their faces were frozen with extreme fear and their arms outreached. While towing the Ourang it caught on fire and it had to be cut loose at sea. Till this day nobody knows what happened to the SS Ourang Meden and its crew.

2. Caroline Walker and the mysterious same bouquet of flowers underneath her sculpture’s arm since past 148 years.

In 1867, tragedy struck Freiburg, Germany when Caroline Walker died at the age of 16 years-old. On her gravestone a realistic life-sized sculpture was made and erected. For the past 148 years, someone has regularly put the same bouquet of flowers underneath that sculpture’s arm.

3. The fire in Sodder family’s home and the never ever found remains of the five children.

On a sad Xmas Eve in 1945, a fire broke out in the home of the Sodder family, killing five of George and Jennie Sodder’s children. Oddly in aftermath when searching for the children bodes, none could be found. This was incredibly strange since the house burned too quickly for the children to be completely cremated.

4. YOGTZE – the never know what word written by Gunther Stoll before his mysterious death in his Volkswagen.

Gunther Stoll kept telling his wife that “they” were after him right before his death. On the night of his death, he was with his wife before suddenly shouting, Now I’ve got it!” and writing YOGTZE on a chair. Then he got in his car and left and was found dead at 3am that night in his Volkswagen.

He was completely naked. Stranger still, the autopsy revealed he had been injured before the crash, and run over by another car in a different spot. Many questions remain, and none less than the meaning of “YOGTZE”.

5. Benedetto Supino and the sudden burst of his comic book into flames while reading.

Young Bendetto Supino from Spain was reading a comic book in 1982 when suddenly his book burst into flames. Unlike his heroes though, Inc couldn’t seem to control the fire. It would burn his sheets when he slept, and electronic devices ceased working when around him. Scientists still have no idea why this continued to happen.

6. The Dylatov Pass Incident – the event that resulted in the mysterious death of nine skiers.

Nine experienced hikers died on the slopes of the Ural Mountains in Russia in 1959. Their bodies were found in a mysterious way, the hikers’ tent were torn from the inside and barefooted footprints were found in the snow trailing off into the woods.
Two of the bodies were found only in their underwear. Investigators to this day are still baffled.

7. Hinterkaifeck murders and the never found perpetrator.

In 1922, 63-year-old Andreas Gruber, his wife Cazilia, their widowed daughter and her two children, and their maid Maria Baumgartner all lived in a small Bavarian village. Suddenly one night the entire family was found murdered and the perpetrator was never found.

Before the killings, the family spoke about ‘hauntings during the nights. The only evidence of the murderer was the murder weapon, a pickaxe, and smoke from a fire that had burned that night.

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