Neha Pendse And Other Female Contestants Had A Troubled Time With Their Inner-wears Inside The Bigg Boss House!

3:42 pm 19 Sep, 2018


Bigg Boss season 12 is a powerhouse when it comes to entertainment. With awesome contestants and mind-boggling concepts, Bigg Boss has surely cheered us up for 11 consecutive seasons. As a contestant in the Bigg Boss house you experience things differently, and sometimes in the most unimaginable way. If you look at the previous seasons there have been moments when the contestants have had their share of awkward moments. And it seems that this time as well there something like this has happened. Can you guess, what could it be? Well, to be honest, it’s about the female contestants struggling with the issue of drying their inner-wears in this unseen video of Bigg Boss 12.

Recently in an unseen video of Bigg Boss 12Neha Pendse, Deepika Kakar, Jasleen Matharu can be seen discussing about how to dry their washed inner-wears inside the house. Now they may have addressed it in a funny manner, but it seems that the issue is of great importance.




In the same video, Neha then talks to Kriti Verma and Srishty Rode about the same. Kriti tries to come up with a solution by stating that the inner-wears can be covered with towels, but Neha and Srishty didn’t agree with the idea. It was clear that Neha was quite uncomfortable with the thought of drying them in the open. After all, there are male contestants in the Bigg Boss house as well.



Later Srishty clearly mentioned that everything is normal and in the previous seasons too, the inner-wears have been dried in a similar manner.



In the end, a hesitant Neha managed to dry the washed inner-wears in some way, by covering it with a towel.




We cannot blame her for anything. Anybody would have felt uncomfortable in a situation like this though! Do not forget to check out the video here!