15 Unromantic Realities You Need To Accept For An Everlasting Love

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Updated on 2 Dec, 2015 at 11:58 am


It goes beyond saying that romance eventually takes a back seat as we grow older in a relationship. Financial worries will escalate. Monotony and boredom will also set in, arguments will creep in, and so on.

But despite these worries, love can still exist. The easiest way to make this possible is to accept these 15 unromantic realities.

1. You love your partner but it is also necessary to accept all their personality traits.

Maybe he hates shopping and refuses to go out for a shopping spree every time you ask him out. Don’t force, just let him have his own space.



2. Its totally OK not to be physically attracted to your partner every single day.

The spark or passion will not be the same every day; accept it. On days when the passion is low, just snuggle together and keep it cozy.


3. On a few dark days, you might even feel hatred, rage and repulsion toward your partner.

It’s just like those days when out of annoyance, we actually end up hating our parents, siblings and best friends.


4. Things you found adorable about them some time ago will start annoying you eventually.

This is nothing but a repercussion of your own bad mood. And it’s not just them; you’ll probably hate everything adorable about everyone around when your mood is off.


5. On utterly desperate days, you may even consider texting your ex just to feel better. You won’t even feel guilty about it.

You should know in advance that it is impossible to get everything you want in one person. Just remember, you’re not perfect either.


6. And that dreadful moment may come, when you will think about leaving your significant other.

Things will go rough, but when they do, you may think of ex(s) or your office crushes and how they would have comforted you better in certain situations.


7. You will doubt your choice and question if this person is right for you.

Just remember, none of us can keep others happy all the time. It’s true for every relationship.


8. Both of you are going to lie about random things once in a while; ignore and move on.

It is human nature to lie, sometimes. Don’t dramatize it any further.


9. Fights and disagreements, you really can’t avoid them.

Without arguments, fights and differences, your love life could actually become monotonous and boring.


10. Some promises are meant to be broken, or at least some are not always everlasting.

Get over it.


11. You think you’ll not commit the same mistakes as other couples and be happy? Think again.

No relationship is flawless. You will commit your own type of mistakes.


12. Love and pain go hand-in-hand and so do happiness and agony; be prepared for both.


13. Some days will be awesome, some good, some not-so-good, some bad, and some will be horrible.

Stick together, come what may.


14. Love is not enough to hold everything together; it always requires more than love.

Some compromise, a lot of patience, perseverance, good understanding, and the will to be with one another despite odds, are few things that will take you through.


15. Bearing one another day in and day out may not be as good as you thought.

Just keep rolling on anyway.


Go live a real life and nurture it with love, every day.



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