12 Lesser-known Paranormal Creatures That Are Sure To Give You Nightmares

Updated on 28 Aug, 2018 at 6:36 pm


There are many paranormal creatures found in folklore and mythologies of various nations and cultures that are sure to give nightmares to anyone. Apart from famous ones, like vampires, and zombies, there are many scary paranormal creatures from around the world that are not known to everyone. Here is a list of such lesser-known creatures, and stories surrounding them:


1. Shadow People


There are a number of different kinds of shadow people, such as the hat man. These creatures usually show themselves to people lying in bed as dark shadows that stand in doorways or beside the bed. People feel threatened and helpless as long as these shadow people are around.



2. Black-eyed Children


These children look normal in every other way except that they have absolutely black eyes with no white areas. They often ask people to invite them into their homes or give them lifts in cars. They have a frightening aura and use odd/old-fashioned language.



3. Spring-heeled Jack


Different versions of this strange creature have been reported from across the world. In this British version, Spring-heeled Jack was a tall ‘man-like’ creature with wings, red eyes and a mouth that shot out blue and white flames. He often clawed lone pedestrians.



4. Chupacabra


The literal meaning of this word is “goat-sucker”. This creature is named the chupacabra because it attacks and then drinks the blood of the livestock of people in Puerto Rico. It is not too tall a creature but has scary sharp spines growing from its spinal cord.



5. Star Children


Technically, there are different versions of these children: Star, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow. They are supposed to be highly sensitive and very tuned into the things around them. They are believed to have come to Earth from a different “plane”.



6. Tikbalang


According to Philippine folklore, a Tikbalang is a half human-half horse creature. They dwell in forests and mountains and like to lead travellers astray. Some people view them as protectors of nature while others see them as harmful to humans.




7. Abarimon


Abarimon were a race of people who lived in Mount Imaus (now the Himalayan Mountains) in a country called Abarimon. The air in Abarimon was so unique that if you breathed it for a long time, you couldn’t survive anywhere else. Abarimon feet grew backwards.



8. Manticore


The Persian Manticore is similar to the Egyptian Sphinx. It has the body of a lion, the head of a human, rows of sharp teeth and often wings as well. The manticore also had spikes on its tail, which it could shoot from a distance to kill people.



9. Succubus/Incubus


These creatures are considered to be demons or evil spirits who have sex with sleeping humans. The incubus is male, while the succubus is female. If these beings have regular intercourse with one victim, there is a good chance of the victim dying.



10. Mazikeen


According to Jewish mythology, mazikeen are invisible demons that are also sometimes called shedeem or shehireem. They like to play tricks on humans and can choose to stay invisible or take on any shape that they want.



11. Betobeto-san


In Japanese folklore, Betobeto-san is a spirit that when revealed looks like a round, ball-shaped human with a big mouth and no other features. It only has two legs and very big feet with which it scares people by walking rapidly behind them.



12. Polong


The polong is a creature of Malaysian mythology that is created when a human stores the blood of a dead person for two weeks and then mixes his own blood with it after some rites are performed. The human can then control a scary monster and be the only one who sees it.