The Unknown And Interesting Love Life Of Lucky Ali Who Has Been Married Thrice In His Life

6:44 pm 19 Jul, 2018


If you are someone who listens to Hindi or Bollywood songs, you must be well aware of all the prominent singers in the industry. If so, then you must very well be knowing who Lucky Ali is and what kind of music or songs he has sung. Yes, Lucky Ali is an exceptionally talented musician who has given us some of the most hum-worthy songs in the 21st century. He is one of the few in the industry who is a singer, songwriter, actor, and has worked both on the big screen as well on television. Creator of still trending hits such as Ek Pal Ka Jeena, O Sanam, Aa Bhi Jaa, and Hairat, Lucky Ali still rules the heart of many. True, there is something magical behind his unique voice.

By the way, we are not here to talk about Lucky Ali’s music or songs here in this article. We will talk something about his personal life, to be direct, his love life, as his marriages have become popular stories due to his open and honest confessions. Ali has always been candid about the fact that he can never be a one-woman man and, in fact, he has been married thrice. And there are some interesting facts about Lucky Ali pertaining to his love life. You take a read at his love story and marriages, which deserves a closer look.


A brief story about Lucky Ali’s life, his unknown love life and marriages.

Lucky Ali was born Maqsood Mehmood Ali, but he is more popularly known by his pet name ‘Lucky’. He is the son of legendary Bollywood comedian, Mehmood Ali. Ali sang his first song in his father’s film in the year 1978. He had married thrice in his life and was clear to all his wives that he is not at all a ‘one woman person’. He believes that being in the religion he follows allows him to marry up to four times, but he has ensured that it is with the consent of the former and that he doesn’t end up hurting anyone. This is what he had shared once:

“Some are suited for one marriage. I don’t think I am suited for one marriage. I move around a lot. I am a free spirit. I get lonely. I cannot cheat. What happens when you are faced with temptations? It’s better to marry. Be honest to your wife and love your wives.”

Well, below is a brief account of how Lucky met his wives and his marriages with the three women.


Lucky’s first love and marriage with Meaghan Jane McCleary

Lucky Ali’s first marriage was with Meaghan Jane McCleary, a model from New Zealand, who appeared in his first superhit song O Sanam (1996). He first met Meaghan when she was visiting New Delhi for some work. Ali and Meaghan were introduced to one another, and the two soon started meeting each other regularly. However, when Meaghan left for New Zealand, Lucky couldn’t handle her absence since he had developed an infatuation towards her. So he decided that as soon as Meaghan returns to India, he would propose her. Thankfully, Meaghan shared the same sentiment. Ali kept true to himself and he later shared the following words about his proposal to Meaghan in an interview.

“She came to India on a Wednesday, I proposed on a Thursday and we married on a Friday.”



Lucky and McCleary got married in 1996, and the couple went on to have two children. Meaghan later converted her faith and the couple later shifted to Ali’s father Mehmood’s farmhouse in Bangalore. But Ali had always been candid about that he was definitely not a man who would just settle down with one woman throughout his life. So on one such occasion, he shared, “I always knew I’d have more than one wife. In fact, I did tell Meaghan about it when we got married. She thought I was joking.”



Lucky’s second love and marriage with Anahita

Just as he said to the media and his wife Meaghan that he might consider a second marriage, Lucky moved towards his second chance at marriage. Four years after his first marriage, Ali met his second wife, Anahita, a Parsi lady who worked as a filmmaker and photographer in Mumbai, in 2000 and fell for her. Their courtship began at a time when Meaghan was away in New Zealand. Her absence from his life for a while made him yearn for a partner and that’s when he proposed Anahita for marriage. Lucky has shared about this once:

“I never knew I was going to get married to Inaya. I was spending a lot of time in India. I was lonely and needed to be with someone. It happened over a period of time.”



Lucky and Anahita got married in the year 2000, and just like Meaghan, Anahita changed her religion and her name to Inaya. The couple is blessed with two children, a son and a daughter. Lucky candidly admitted to being married to the two women simultaneously, and even shared that his two wives share a cordial relationship. He even added that he is very adept at maintaining two women and two worlds simultaneously and that his source of strength is his two wives.


Lucky Ali’s third marriage with his present wife former Miss England Kate Elizabeth Hallam

Ali had always been candid that he was definitely not a ‘one-woman’ person, and he seemed to have grown bored of his two wedlocks. After almost a decade of his second marriage, the opportunity came knocking itself in the year 2009. Ali happened to meet his present wife, British model and former Miss England, Kate Elizabeth Hallam on the sets of a film in Bangalore. Kate had once shared that she fell in love with Ali right at the first sight, and she had no idea who he was and what he did.


Lucky Ali's third marriage


The couple tied the knot in a court marriage in Bangalore in 2010. Like Lucky’s previous two wives, Kate changed her religion and her name to Aiesha Ali. Lucky and Kate were blessed with a son in 2011 and they named him Dani.

Lucky Ali has shared that his wives are the biggest source of strength for him and that he has a harmonious family with all his half-children getting along well with each other. Indeed, it is great to see how the singer has managed to balance his life by adhering to what he wanted and also making sure that no one is hurt in the process. By the way, what do you think he might go for a fourth one?