13 Creative And Oh-So-Romantic Proposal Ideas That Will Make Her Heart Melt

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2:12 pm 16 Mar, 2016


People may distinguish themselves in terms of language, religion or region but love can connect them whatever or wherever they are. These amazing proposals that took place in different corners of the world speak the same feeling of love and eternal togetherness. The smiles on their faces will surely motivate you to ask your loved one to spend their whole life with you.


1. An adventurous proposal over a cliff.

This left her amazed:


After a nine-hour-long hike. As I was looking at the camera Connor tugged my hand, when I turned around he was on one knee.



2. By the ocean shore, if she loves water.

Propose to her like this if she is a nature lover.


Later you both can dive into the water together!



3. The all color proposal. Well, Holi is coming!

‘After we finished our 5k color run he got down on one knee and asked me to begin our own race.’



4. Proposal surrounded by such magical lighting.

This will leave her with teary eyes. All that you will get to hear from her will be a ‘Yes’.


Give your princess a fairy tale feel.



5.  Pet proposals are the cutest.

Train your fur buddy to convey your feelings.


He will get some treats and all you will get a ‘Yes’.



6. Inside a giant cave proposal.

Caves are not always scary. You can begin your new journey from there as well. This is what he has to say about his experience:

‘Inside the world’s biggest cave, I dropped to one knee and asked my girlfriend of six years, Alesha, to marry me.’



7. Over a scary roller coaster ride.

Let your friends be part of this special moment. She will get some relief after such a scary ride.

’She didn’t see what happened until they posted the pic on the screen at the end of the ride!’



8. A creative proposal only if you can draw well!

‘He made me an incredible proposal on a beach.’



9. An incredible proposal on a beach.

A girl who believes in bookish love and has a dream proposal in her mind, would like to be proposed to in the same way her favorite book’s character did in the story.



10. A kinder surprise proposal

If she is a child at heart then let her receive a proposal she never ever thought of!



11. A pure Bollywood style proposal over an ice-skating rink with a red carpet!

‘He opened the doors to the ice-skating rink and there was a red carpet laid on the ice with a box at the end.’



12. Roses and candles all around.

Make her cry for the last time by such a romantic proposal that’ll make her female friends jealous. If you can’t play the violin, strum a guitar. Girls love guys who can play instruments!

‘He led me through the rose petals to a spot at the end of the rocks. I didn’t cry immediately. But then his eyes locked on mine and I lost it.’



13. Proposal over a mountain top.

Start a new life with her over a mountain top. Take her hiking and let this adventurous trip become the most romantic and memorable for both of you.

‘I started getting down off the rather steep rock but Andrew began to talk about how this beautiful hike reminded him of our relationship. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.’


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