5 Unique Products That Are Found Only In Japan

8:10 am 15 Apr, 2018


With the advent of technology, numerous products have been invented that have changed the lifestyle of people across the globe. Everyone knows that Japan has always been pioneer when it comes to developing breakthrough products.

Japanese technological designers have the efficiency to alter certain objects of daily use and create weirdly unique inventions that have improved the standard of living and made life easier. Interestingly, some of the objects that the Japanese people have created have not yet been globalized.

Here is a list of some of the uncanny products that are available in Japan only and not at any other place:

1. Water Saving Sink



The toilet-sink combo is one of the most widely used inventions in Japan. This combo sink was invented in order to reduce unnecessary space in the bathroom in Japan in 1956. While saving space, it saves one of the most important resources in the world –water. The water used to wash hands in the combo gets collected in the cistern after washing and then is used to flush the toilet.


2. A transforming tatami



In Japan, room sizes are not measured in meters or feet, but in mats based on multiple standards of tatami mats that traditionally cover the floors. Tatami meaning ‘piled’ or ‘folded’ are actually mats used in traditional style of Japanese flooring. Tatami mats have become a symbol of Asian aesthetic for Japanese home décor. The new modern-day homes built in Japan are built with minimalist interiors, with nothing but a series of mats that you can fold up into tables, work surfaces, backrests, and what not.

3. Liberation Wrapper



Liberation wrapper entered into the Japanese market after it became a trend in the country that it is rude for women to open their mouths wide in public places. This trend called ‘ochobo’ or having a ‘small and modest mouth’ became so popular that an advertising company there designed the ‘liberation wrapper’. It features a photograph of a close-mouthed woman on the front of the wrapper while the rest of it covers the women’s face in order to ‘free’ her to eat the burger without nay fear of being noticed open-mouthed by the public.

4. Revolving and Adjustable Train Seats


The seats on Japan’s high speed bullet trains, Shinkansen, can be rotated and adjusted automatically. The seats can be rotated to create six-set and four-seat configurations while solving the ever-lasting problem of a forward-facing seat. When the trains reach their termini, the seats easily reset and turn around automatically, getting ready for the next journey so that people don’t get stuck with backward ride that may induce nausea.


5. Helmets with ponytail holes



Japanese created helmets that had ponytail holes in them in order to make it easy for women to drive or ride a bike. It is the only country that has such fashion accessory for its ponytail wearing two-wheeler riding population.  In order to prevent women from scrunching their hair or save the hair from damage, these holes were added to the helmets that helps women in effortless rides.


They are quite unique. What do you think?