Union Minister V.K. Singh Kicks Up A Storm After ‘Dog’ Remark On Dalit Killing Incident

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1:09 pm 23 Oct, 2015


Minister of State for External Affairs and former army chief V.K. Singh has kicked up a storm with his alleged insult of Dalits.

His comment has prompted the opposition to demand that he be booked under a case of the SC/ST Act for allegedly using “casteist” and “inhumane” remarks. They are also asking for his resignation.


This Dussehra couldn’t have been worse for Singh as in a failed attempt to delink the Central Government from the murder of two Dalit children in Haryana, Singh ended up putting his foot in his mouth when he told reporters:


Kabhi sthaniya ghatnaon ka sarkar se talluk mat rakhiye. Uske upar inquiry chal rahi hain. Parivaron ke beech mathbhed tha.. voh mathbhed kis roop mein parivartit hua, kahan par intazamiyan ka failure hain, administration ka? Uske bad voh sarkar ke upar aata hain. (Never associate local incidents with the Central Government. There is an inquiry going on. There was a dispute between families. The dispute…how did it turn out…where did the arrangements fail, the administration? After all this, it falls upon the Central Government).”

While the above comment would  sufficed the reporters, but Singh then went on further and added:

To har cheez par, ki wahan par pathar maar diya kutte ko to, sarkar jimmewaar hai. Aisa nahi hai. (For everything…like if somebody throws a stone at a dog, then the Central Government is responsible…it is not like that)”.

The latter comment was enough for the opposition to kick up a storm and start demanding for his resignation.

First in the line to attack was Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, who sent out a series of tweets expressing his displeasure and demanding Singh’s ouster from the cabinet.

Meanwhile senior AAP leader Ashutosh added that Singh needs to be booked under SC/ST Act. He said, “AAP will go to the police station tomorrow to file an FIR against Gen V K Singh demanding his arrest as under the SC/ST Act, the offence is non-cognisable.”

Congress was not far behind in their attack and senior leader Randeep Surjewala described Singh’s comments as “shocking, condemnable and inhumane”. He said that the former army chief insulted not only the entire Dalit community of this country but all Indians.

While BJP went in damage control mode, Singh, realising his mistake, soon sent out a series of Tweets to clarify his comments and said they were “trivialised”. He tweeted:

BJP came to Singh’s defence and said his comments were blown out of proportion, with party spokesperson Sambit Patra stating:

“As far as the statement of minister V K Singh is concerned, he has himself given a clarification… He has said he was misquoted. He never meant what was in fact showed in the media. He really condemns the incident, which happened in Faridabad… I think we should not blow the whole thing out of proportion.”

While  Singh initially defended his remarks, by late evening he apologised on ANI and said:


“I will be very clear on this that in case, because of this mixing up of two things, which someone else has done, if somebody’s feelings have been hurt, I am apologising for it. Because some people have created a totally different picture altogether, which was never there. I had no intention of hurting anybody. Because of this imaginative linking of somebody if somebody’s feelings have been hurt, I apologize whole-heartedly.”

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