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4 Unexplained Bizarre Cases In Which A Large Number Of People Disappeared Together And Were Never Found

Published on 26 April, 2018 at 10:00 am By

A large number of people going missing at the same time to never be found again sounds like a bizarre, or rather, an impossible thing to happen. But this bizarre phenomenon had happened plenty of time in the past and even today, for instance, the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that went missing in the year 2014 with 239 people inside it.


Many of these cases have been solved, but some continue to still elude the world and make the people question everything they know.

Here are such 4 cases where a large number of people went missing at the same time and were never found.

1. The eerie town of Hoer Verde

Hoer Verda, a small town in Brazil, where about 600 people lived together one day was suddenly found empty in the year 1923 when a group of visitors approached the town. As they walked past the houses, they were perplexed by the loneliness of the place and that they could find not a single soul in the entire town of such considerable population except themselves. They peeked into the houses through windows but still couldn’t find traces of any inhabitants.


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It was evident to them now that something was not right about the town. Police were soon informed but even after a thorough investigation, the case couldn’t be solved. One of the quirky facts about the event was that when the police were looking for evidence and reached a school, they found on the blackboard of a classroom written: “outside the church, there’s no salvation”.

The writing led to one of the many theories that eventually sprung up about the incident. Some claimed that it was the doing of an evil force beyond the understanding of men, while some theorized that all the inhabitants of the town had simply left the village to escape a political siege as Brazil at that time was going through political conflicts and political evacuations weren’t unheard of. But the problem with the theory of political evacuation was that none of the inhabitants ever turned up in anywhere else in the country and no other theory came even close to providing any clue to what possibly might have happened to that town. Almost after a hundred years later, the case still is a mystery.

2. The Anjikuni Lake incident


In the month of November of the year 1930, a man named Joe Labelle, who used to trap animals for their fur, arrived at a familiar fishing village near Anjikuni Lake, Nunavut, Canada where about 25 people belonging to Inuit community lived together in tents. As he walked towards the village, everything appeared normal, until he reached near enough to realize that not a single soul was present in the entire village. Everyone had simply left the village.

What was more bizarre about the whole thing was that they had left all their belongings in the tents including the essentials like foods, clothes, weapons etc. It appeared like they just abandoned the village suddenly without taking anything with them. Joe, taken aback by it, run and sent a telegram to the police describing the strange phenomenon. He also had discovered that all the dogs in the village had starved to death.

The police arrived and carried out two different investigations that lasted years but couldn’t find where the people had gone and what actually had happened in the village before Joe arrived. They also found that the graves near the village were also broken and none of them contained the dead bodies anymore.

Though many explanations have come up throughout these years surrounding the story of the village and some even claiming that there were actually about 2000 to 3000 people instead of just 25, today, there is a large perception that the entire story could just be a myth and no such village ever existed.

3. The missing crew of Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste, a merchant ship, when set sail on November 7, 1872, from New York towards Genoa, Italy, it had eleven people on board including the captain Benjamin S. Briggs, his wife Sarah and their two years old daughter Sophia. But less than a month later, on December 5, a British ship named Dei Gratia found Mary Celeste floating on its own in the middle of the sea 400 miles east of Azores, Portugal and nowhere close to its intended destination.

The ship had a shadowy past. It was originally named Amazon but was renamed after a series of accidents including the sudden illness and death of its one former captain.


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Capt. David Morehouse, who had set sail eight days after Mary Celeste was surprised to find the misguided ship there when it should have been in Italy by then. Sensing something wrong, when he sent a boarding party to the ship to offer help, they discovered that though the ship was safe and sound, the entire crew and family of the captain was missing including the only lifeboat of the ship. On further investigation, it was found that it even had a supply of food and water for all for six months. None of those who were on the ship were ever found and neither it could be ascertained what had disturbed them so suddenly that they abandoned the ship in such hurry.

Over the year, several theories came forward to explain what had happened on that ship from being attacked by pirates to alien abduction, but none could really solve the case of the ghost ship.

4. The ‘Lost Colony’ of Roanoke Island.

The lost colony of Roanoke Island is possibly the greatest of all the unsolved mysteries involving mass disappearances and also incredibly documented. Prior to the establishment of the colony, which would eventually be remembered as ‘The Lost Colony’ in the shared history of England and America and possibly the world, the Queen of England Elizabeth I had issued a charter to Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584 to discover new worlds, take control over them and enjoy them. On Raleigh’s direction, two ships sailed off under Philip Amadas’s and Arthur Barlowe’s command in April of that year and landed in North Carolina in July.

Though the colonists tried to maintain a good rapport with the Red Indians initially, they failed and returned to England. After the queen learned about the discovery of the Roanoke Island, another expedition was sent and another settlement was built in the year 1585 but was soon abandoned because of lack of supplies.


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It was only in the year 1587 that under John White, a permanent colony was established in the Roanoke Island with 120 men, women and children which included White’s daughter and her husband too. White tried to form a self-sufficient system and economy on the island for the settlers in the first year and by the end of the year, he left for England to report about the new colony to Queen.


It took him but more than two years to again return back to the island after a series of mishaps, pirates attacks, and deaths and when he landed on the island with his men in 1590, they but were astonished that the whole settlement was deserted. There was no sign of any of the settlers. All they found was a skeleton and the word ‘CRO’ carved onto a tree and ‘CROATOAN’ etched on one of the posts of the entrance of the colony. Despite all the searches and investigations, no one till today knows what happened to the colony.


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