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Understanding The Magical Soul Of A Piscean

Updated on 1 March, 2016 at 5:50 pm By

If you are feeling the symphony of magic and calmness in the air, be assured, it’s the Pisces season.

A feminine energy, Pisces is adaptable, spiritual and ethereal.

While we are made out to be extremely challenging and complicated, the truth is far from this.


Pisceans crave for a simple life with simple, but real needs. Don’t get fazed by the word ‘real’ here, for Pisces live anywhere but in the real world. They are idealist and dreamers. Often found day-dreaming, they are full of vivid imagination. No doubt, we weave magic everywhere we go.

For Pisces, real stands for becoming who we were born to be.

We are intuitive to the core. We can read your feelings before even you get in touch with them.

Perhaps, that’s the reason why Pisceans are called too emotional and too sensitive. Of course, you never said anything to us, but we just know.

Perhaps that’s the reason why we never have an evidence to tell you why we felt a certain way. It’s not what you did or said, it’s what you made us feel.

We thrive on feelings. We need to feel everything.

There’s no emotion we haven’t felt – or wouldn’t want to. Pisceans swim in the vastness of emotions.

No task is ever complete, till we feel like doing it. May be that’s what makes us the procrastinators that we are. We like working in our own pace.

However, don’t doubt our sincerity and commitment. We are the most sincere of the lot and always deliver what we promise, if not more.

Our intuition guides our action.

Be it the people we let in or the work we get our hands on, our intuition will always have a say in it.

Yes, we are guarded and we do not allow a lot of outsiders in our private lives. But once you are here, you are guaranteed a home for life.

Even though we suffer a lot of heartbreak – just because we love and give a little too much, we hardly make wrong choices with regard to people we let in our lives.

This is not to say we are not social; we love people.

We love watching people unravel their stories. Compassion and kindness is our first nature.

Our favorite thing in the world is to be an agony aunt. I can admit we kind of get attracted to people with problems. We love listening.

But here’s the unfortunate side of the story – we absorb your energies too easily.

Owning to our sensitivity to external environment, we are moody fishes. Our mood has various shades and switch rapidly through-out the day.

It seems to me, we are weighed down by our own belief. We think it’s our responsibility to make people happy. We are sort-of people pleasers. This might in fact, not please some.

Often called wishy-washy, Pisces are just too understanding.

The reason why we never cling to one side of the debate is because we understand everyone comes from a place of their own. We don’t just accept ideas easily, we understand each of them.

It’s not like we don’t have a voice of our own. Being the last sign, we have mutable qualities of all the signs. We have a bit of each one of you in us.

This is why we hate making decisions. Choosing sides make us sick in our gut. Never ask us where or what do we want to eat. We will just waste your time.

The thing is, we see beauty in everything and everyone. For us, the phenomenon ‘ugly’ doesn’t exist.

We have also been alleged to be either extremely selfless or extremely selfish. Let me break it down for you.

We are very selfless, always putting your needs above our own. Putting ourselves first seems like a sin – something which we learn over time not to do.

However, when it comes to people we love, we are selfish for them. We will raise unreasonable debates just to protect the object of our affection.

A way to a Pisces heart is a thriving, stimulating conversation and some sweet comfort.

As much as we have a thirst of adventure, all we need at the end of the day is a reliable, protective person we can go back to. Aggression puts us off.

We like those who are patient, reliable and real. We don’t crave for lavish life or someone with a million dollar bank balance; we are pretty independent in that regard.

We are all about making dreams come true – together. Which is why, being an absolute dreamer, we need a realist to give us cold showers of reality checks time and again.

We are neither difficult nor demanding.

If you ever want to gift us something, don’t get yourself into expensive, materialistic things.

Think meaningful – something we talked about in the past, something we really need or if nothing, just some sweet words. We love appreciation a little too much. Oh, but don’t you dare fake it – we will get to know that!

Sometimes, we love just being on our own.

We could lounge on the beach all our life watching the sun go down and hearing soft waves caressing the shore. We need vacations – a lot of them. The weight of the real world gets too heavy sometimes and being the escapists that we are, we need to retreat.

We are one of those who snuggle inside and wait for the storm to pass. When we hit bottom, we hit rock bottom.

But I promise you, we spring back sooner than you realize.

We never let our emotional, turbulent times go waste.

It’s a place of creative energy for us. Every time, we throw a pinch of magic in the air, be sure we went through a lot to learn it.

We are blessed creative souls.

Since we see and feel a bit too much than the rest of the world, we need a medium of expression – painting, dancing, writing, singing or just anything eccentric.

We give a little too much and sometimes we do raise unreasonable expectations from people around us.

However, we need to understand that everybody has a different way to show their appreciation and love. Also, everyone doesn’t feel okay with giving as much as we do. With time, we kind of settle with it.

However, when it comes to love, we won’t ever settle.

Casual affairs do not satiate us. They are just not meant for us. We will wait till eternity, have many heartbreaks on the way but will never abandon our quest for one, true love.

When we find it, be assured that we are not giving up easily. If we say you are the one, trust us to have felt it deeply. Guided by our intuition and our understanding of life, our long-term decisions are hardly illusive.

Love with a Pisces is deep, hopelessly romantic and magical.

It is something you always fantasized about but never thought could exist in real. It might leave you terrified or overwhelmed, but it’s a love from where there’s no return.

Once you’ve found us, it’s forever.

Know that we have great lengths of patience. We never get angry, we get disappointed.

And seldom do we abandon people. If we have, it wouldn’t be without you pushing us to our boundaries. We do give innumerable chances.

But once you make it to the exit point -there’s no coming back.

We will be cold and we will really not care anymore – come what may happen.

However, not many people make it to exit points.

It takes a lot for a Pisces to give up on you. We have lasting friendships.

More often than not, we leave a lasting impression on people we meet. It may be our enlightening thoughts, our hopeful perspective on life or maybe just because we asked them about their life when no one did.

Far away in life or years, we will always be remembered.

”The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonders forever”

– Jacques Cousteau

A Piscean believes that they are here for a purpose, and the purpose is to make this world a better place. Their ambition is much greater than riding that corporate ladder. Routine life zaps them out. Hence, you will always find us breathing magic in little, mundane things of life.

We have a thing to see what no else does. We will make you believe in yourself and your dreams like no one else.

And even if you choose to leave, you will learn to dream from here on.




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