9 Unbelievable Conclusions Drawn From The Existence of Multiple Universes

5:00 pm 1 Feb, 2015


It’s always hard to swallow that there maybe more of us out there. After all, we’ve been told time and again that each one of us is unique and no one can replace us. But what if someone could, and that someone was you? Yeah, the theory of many worlds can do that to you. It’s still theoretical, but it has several implications. Even if we may never experience such a phenomenon, it’s always good to know. So what does the theory of many worlds have for us?

9. There are multiple parallel universes running alongside ours.

Probably the most overdone concept over the past few years, courtesy of Marvel and DC comics, is that there are several parallel universes alongside ours, which replicate our exact being but undergoing slightly different circumstances. This means that in another universe, you could be an archbishop or the guy who sold his Ferrari to a monk. Another fascinating assumption is that our universes could overlap, which means that you may even encounter yourself. So be prepared to ask yourself thousands of questions, just like if you found out you were adopted and your real parents were still alive!

8. Everything that can happen will happen.

There’s a giant lottery, the magic balls with all your lotto numbers are surprisingly appearing in sequential order. They pull the last ball and lo; you’ve won…..or at least you have in another universe. Yes, the many worlds theory knows how to [email protected]#k with us all, if not here then somewhere else. It says that every possible outcome of a situation will happen but that the ones most likely to happen have the highest chances of happening. This means that when you pull through the straw, you’re most likely to get the coke out as opposed to, say, a whale? But then that’s a possibility too apparently, even if it has the smallest possibility of happening.

Everything that can happen will happen


7. You’ve accomplished everything you ever thought of.


Yes, probably in another universe, if not here, because the theory says that you’ve done every possible thing you’ve ever thought of in a parallel universe or universes. Played football in high school? Well in one you’re a famous soccer player. Ever wanted to save someone? Well you’re probably a coast guard or a fireman/woman in another. Every thought, no matter how miniscule, makes another parallel universe for you. And yes, thanks to you, there’s also one in which you cure cancer.

6. We are all one…eventually.

Every experience we have or have in another universe leads us to becoming a better human being in the next life. It kind of resonates with the theory of reincarnation, which says that we take on the human form again on our next life having learnt from the mistakes of our past. Each experience is unique and it’s ours alone, but eventually it leads us all to the same place. So don’t worry. You get to start all over again.

5. You are, have been and will be over and over again.

There’s a secret to being you? I don’t know it, but maybe you do. According to the many worlds theory, this version of you has already existed in the past and will exist again in the future and this will repeat in an infinite loop. This is where the understanding of déjà vu comes in; you’ve already done something similar to this in a parallel universe, which is why you feel like sometimes you’ve experienced something before even though it’s the first time you’re seeing/doing that thing. It’s both fascinating and creepy.

4. Nothing you see is new, everything has existed.

It’s a rough idea to swallow but what if everything we’re inventing and discovering today has already been done so in the past? And I don’t mean that in just a general way. This also implies that all the fan fiction, songs, artists and their work…everything has been and done in the past. Purely by theory, it would also mean that the fiction we create could have existed in reality, which means that there really could have been a Batman in one of the parallel universes running around in his batmobile. Wouldn’t that just be insane?

3. You live on infinitely and immortally.

Yes, you read that right. You exist forever and ever, because while your physical being may not exist, your consciousness can never be destroyed, which goes well with the fact that you have seen everything before and learn from your mistakes. So for all purposes, we can say that you died but never experience the feeling of death.

2. Our thoughts create reality

We look at the world through our subconscious, which means that everything we are, have experienced and learn from has resulted in the way we are now. Another way of putting this is that we are who we are, look and act because of ourselves i.e. this is the best way we see ourselves being in this present universe. We collectively create what our subconscious wants.

1. Everything is made up, nothing is real.


It’s not inconceivable to think that this really is the result of all the above points combined. “Life is but a dream” is the most popular quote in every influential book and it makes sense. If everything has already existed, fiction isn’t really fiction and we control everything with our mind, it eventually leads to the fact that our life is an unending dream, an infinite cycle of thought and energy conversion. In all our universes, we’ll always try to find the answer to the question “is anything real” and one of us has probably found the answer, and if he has, will we eventually know?

Our thoughts create reality