18 Unbelievable Lawsuits Which Seemed Fake, But Were Real

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9:00 pm 14 Oct, 2015

It is truly deplorable to know that such cases can make their way to courts and that a few of them won. There are hundreds of such shocking cases but here we have brought some selective cases, which will surely leave you doubting justice.


1. Jonathan Lee Riches claims that Kanye West performed for the Al Qaeda trainees in West Virginia and swore allegiance to Al Qaeda. Kim Kardashian was said to be involved in the proceedings as well.


2. An Israeli woman won $1000 after she sued a TV station for making an inaccurate weather predication. She said the station predicted it would be a sunny day but it rained, which resulted in her catching the flu as she had dressed casually.


3. A patient in 2002 sued a hospital for not stopping him and letting him rape another patient there. However, his case was not considered.


4. A man from California sued McDonalds for not giving him more than one napkin because he was Black. All McDonalds outlets offered him free burgers to make up for this mistake, but the man sued the company and claimed a hefty amount of 1.5 million dollars.


5. Mayor of the city Batman, which is situated in south-east Turkey, filed a case against Warner Brothers for using the name ‘Batman’ without their acknowledgement.


6. In 2012, David and Linda Kubert, both 59, sued a girl for texting her boyfriend who was driving a truck at the time. The driver lost control of the vehicle and hit the couple’s motorbike which cause them both to lose a leg each. However, when this case reached the court, the judge declared the girl was not responsible for the driver crashing into them.


7. In 1992, a 72-year-old woman sued McDonalds for serving her hot coffee that was too hot; it spilled on her lap and caused serious injuries. The lady won $3 million dollars in the case, as it was pointed out that the company had not put any warning sign on the packaging.


8. A homeless man, Bernard Bey, sued his parents for $200,000 for emotional damages as they did not love and talk to their children. He wanted the money to secure jobs for his family but stated he would drop the case if his parents would just sit down and talk to him.


9. A man named Richard Overton sued the creator of Budweiser beer because he suffered financial loss, stress and felt demotivated. Apparently, drinking Budweiser did not made any beautiful women come in his life as they claimed in their advertisement. The case was dismissed.


10. A couple sued American Airlines in 2009 for not giving sufficient legroom on the flight to Paris. The couple was left with leg and back pain during their journey, which was not described in the advertisement.


11. Doctor Richard Batista sued his ex-wife for not returning his kidney after their divorce; he had donated the kidney to his wife some nine years ago. The ex-husband also demanded $ 1.5 million for the organ if she was not able to return it.


12. In 2008, Spanish businessman, Thomas Delgado, sued the family of 17-year-old Enaitz Iriondo, whom Delgado had killed in 2004 while driving his Audi 8 at a speed of 110 mph. He said that his car had been damaged and he had to pay for it to be fixed as well as use a rental car while his was being repaired.


13. A 16-year-old student and his parents decided to sue his teacher as she smacked her palm down on the desk while she was teaching. The student claimed he suffered substantial hearing loss and some severe ear injuries to his left eardrum.


14. In 2007, German playboy Rolf Eden sued a 19-year-old girl for not having sex with him, as she said he was too old for her. Rolf, who says he has spent nights with more than 3000 women, decided to sue this girl as he felt laws against discrimination would be on his side.


15. Cleanthi Peters sued Universal Studios as their Halloween Horror nights was much too scary for her and she experienced emotion stress for the next few days.


16. A man blamed Apple for making him as porn addict. He claimed that he had no choice but to watch porn day after day, when Apple could have blocked all the sites. However, Apple never responded to this complaint and left the decision to the judge.


17. A man named Alen Heckard from Oregon filed a case against Michael Jordon because he suffered emotional trauma due to looking like Michael Jordon.


18. A neighbor sued two teenage girls who decided to skip school and surprise their neighbors with home baked cookies. The neighbor said their knocks on the door apparently gave her an anxiety attack the next day.



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