In UK’s First Interfaith Lesbian Wedding, Couple Ties The Knot As Per Hindu Customs

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6:00 pm 18 Aug, 2017


Miriam Jefferson, a Jewish woman, and Kalavati Mistry, her Hindu soulmate, got married in what is being considered the first interfaith lesbian wedding of UK. The two met each other over 20 years ago during a training program in the USA and are now presently working for an interfaith organization.

After being in a secret relationship for a long time, Jefferson and Mistry tied the knot on Saturday as per Hindu customs, wearing red and white bridal sarees. Some friends and family members were also invited to the groundbreaking ceremony that was held in Chutney Ivy, an Indian restaurant in Leicester. The two had already married each other as per Jewish customs earlier this year in Jefferson’s hometown San Antonio, Texas.

After the wedding, the couple plans to return to the US.

Left- Kalavati Mistry, Right- Miriam Jefferson Independent/ PukaarNews/ SWNS


48 year old Kalavati Mistry was brought up in a traditional Hindu household and wanted to have a traditional ceremony on her wedding. Finding a Hindu priest who would oversee a gay wedding was a challenge but finally they found a local Hindu female priest named Chanda Vyas who agreed to perform the ceremony.

Kalavati Mistry had kept her sexuality secret for years but her friends and family had been “welcoming and embracing” to her partner since she revealed her relationship. She hopes that many gay people, irrespective of their religion or culture, are in loving relationships and get to marry the one they love.

Jefferson said that it was nice to have a Hindu wedding in the UK as it brought both of them together and completed both of them in her eyes.