UK Diplomat Refers To Golden Temple As Golden Mosque. Twitterati Made Him Correct His Mistake And Apologize!

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1:53 pm 25 Apr, 2018


Sir Simon McDonald, the permanent under-secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), UK, was recently in India for the birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II, that was organized in Chandigarh by the British Deputy High Commissioner in India. On the occasion, Simon McDonald gifted the Queen’s picture from her Golden Temple visit in 1997 to British High Commission as a permanent memento.


British Queen at Golden Temple. Source


Simon McDonald tweeted a picture of the event but referred Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of Sikhs, as Golden Mosque. Take a look at his tweet below:



This invited huge criticism on Twitter, particularly from the Sikh community. Twitterati blasted the British diplomat for his lack of information about the world-renowned Sikh shrine Golden Temple, formally known as Sri Harmandir Sahib.



Some Twitter users even said that he did this intentionally while others took a dig at his misinformation about India, considering the fact that the British ruled our country for more than a hundred years. Take a look at a few responses to his tweet:











Sikh Federation UK had demanded an apology from Simon McDonald within 24 hours and also tagged British Prime Minister in their tweet. Check out their tweet below:



Following a huge backlash on Twitter, the UK diplomat apologized for his gaffe and corrected his mistake in a tweet. His apologetic tweet can be seen below:



Do take a look at how Twitterati reacted to his apology:











Twitter indeed did a good job this time! Don’t you think so? Share your views with us in comments!