Ujjain’s Mosques Are Giving Shelter To Hindu Devotees Stranded In Kumbh Hailstorms

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4:31 pm 13 May, 2016


While a lot of stories circulate concerning heart-melting acts of Hindu temples and Sikh gurudwaras, seldom do we talk about mosques extending the same support to Hindus.

The on-going Simhastha Kumbh fair in Ujjain has been disrupted by heavy rains, hailstorms and high velocity winds. A number of devotees who had arrived to be a part of the fair are now stranded without any food or shelter.


Showing a fine example of communal harmony, Hari Masjid and Sodgiran Mosque of Ujjain have come forward to help these stranded Hindu pilgrims by not only providing them a roof but also community food.



It’s the second time in a week that squalls have hit the city. This has caused some deaths and damaged the camp areas.

Apparently, the All India Muslim Tehwar Committee chief Dr. Ausaf Shahmiri Khurram has requested the Muslim community to help Hindus caught in crisis. Near Shipra Ghats, a lot of Muslim men are working to save Hindu pilgrims from drowning in the river water.


It’s an admirable sight to see members from different religious communities coming together at the time of a crisis.

This clearly exhibits how there’s mutual respect and admiration between Hindus and Muslims, often hidden beneath the brouhaha of communal violence and discrimination.


Won’t India be in a much better place if only it could raise this latent love above the hatred?