The Witch Hunt Continues: Ugandan Police Arrest 8 Year Old For “Lesbianism”

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2:09 pm 13 Sep, 2016


Uganda and its insane witch hunt against the gay community has been in the news a lot. And now, the Ugandan police, in their homophobic zeal, seem to have taken leave of their senses entirely.

In a move so ridiculous it’ll make your jaw drop, they have gone and arrested an 8 year-old for “lesbianism”.

They claim she would,

…”lure” other young girls to school restrooms or a neighboring farm to teach them “how to romantically get involved”.



Does that mean Culkin’s shower scene in Home Alone is kiddie porn in Uganda? wordpress


Okay, first things first, kids tend to be far more open about expressing affection than grown-ups. When did it become a crime for kids to be affectionate towards each other? Look at the images we grew up with. By Ugandan standards, all these kids are sex-addicts and the adults shooting the pictures, paedophiles! Come on!

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You don’t arrest an 8 year-old for sexual deviance. You certainly do NOT say horrifying things about her actions and her supposed “intentions”. She’s 8! Odds are, she saw something somewhere and was only aping that. Kids do that. They imitate adults, and adult behavior.

What is truly worrying about the whole thing is that in their fervor to “cast out the gay”, they seem to have completely ignored the fact that if a child so young is sexually aware, then that could possibly mean that she is being sexually exploited by someone. Maybe that’s what they should be focusing on, the Ugandan police, instead of celebrating having “caught” a “lesbian”!

The Ugandan Police seem to have confused policing with moral policing. Your job is to protect citizens and maintain law and order. Do that, why don’t you?!!



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