After Reading What Alia Bhatt Said, You Won’t Watch The Leaked ‘Udta Punjab’

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Updated on 18 Jun, 2016 at 9:00 pm


‘Udta Punjab’ is currently the national word of India. This film is not a film anymore, it is an endless fight to change the deceitful image of Indian cinema. Earlier, it was Pahalaj Nihalani’s dogmatic principles that demanded 89 cuts, which fortunately never happened, and now, a cyber-cell illegally leaked the whole movie online just 2 days before its release.

Producers, Phantom Films, have filed a copyright theft case with the cybercrime cell suspecting that the copy submitted to the censor board found its way to torrent sites.





Seeing this injustice, Alia Bhatt and other actors are standing together to make people aware about piracy and how it is slowly killing the true meaning of cinema.


And I feel like:



Others celebs also showed their support.


Now, I ask: