‘Udta Punjab’ Insults Legendary Jackie Chan And THAT Is Unacceptable

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 1:45 pm

This man is Jackie Chan. Though he needs no introduction, let us just say that he is the greatest action star of our times.


Jackie Chan


He has been entertaining the whole wide world from the East China Sea to the Pacific Ocean – going East to West. The man is practically revered in his home country, China, and loved and respected by millions across the world, including India.

He is in ‘Udta Punjab’ – the film at the heart of a huge debate over censorship.




The Jackie Chan in the film is the name of a character; a character played by a dog.

While liberals are crying hoarse in favour of maverick filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, at least one of them wrote (in an article full of rants) that it is also okay that the dog is named Jackie Chan (or Jackie Chain, as some claim).

“We will not tolerate the Jackie Chan way of showing Beijing its place. We’ll take the proper nuclear route,” writes the writer in a mocking Indian political establishment in its handling of China. As if insulting an international icon is the best that Bollywood can do.




Irrespective of which side the censorship debate swings to, associating Jackie Chan’s name with a dog is offensive. AND I MEAN OFFENSIVE!

What kind of creative liberty gave them the right to name a dog after Jackie Chan in the film?

What if a Chinese film features a warthog (African wild pig) named Salman Khan? Will Kashyap and his liberal supporters be okay with that?




People should know that if they expect respect from others, they should learn how to show some first.