Was Udita Goswami Spying On Her Husband Mohit Suri In Call Detail Record Case?

2:25 pm 26 Apr, 2018


Thane crime branch summoned actor Udita Goswami about her connection with the case of procurement of call data records illegally (CDR). Accompanied by her husband Mohit Suri she met the authorities where she gave her statement for over an hour.


The case unveiled on January 24, 2018, after the arrest of four private detectives by Thane crime branch. It’s alleged that they obtained call records data and were selling them illegally. They used to charge somewhere between Rs 25,000-Rs 50,000. Recently, the authorities also arrested advocate Rizwan Siddiqui alleging that he obtained CDRs of Aaliya Siddiqui, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife illegally. Till now the crime branch has arrested 14 people.


Authorities questioned Udita on basis of information provided by her. Media report states, an officer from the Thane commissionerate revealed that Udita obtained CDRs of her husband for personal reasons years ago. Here’s what the officer said:


“Udita had obtained CDRs of her husband Mohit for personal reasons some two-three years ago. The CDRs were provided by advocate Rizwan Siddiqui, who obtained them from Palekar and one more accused. We have arrested Palekar while the other accused, who is suspected to be a private detective, is on the run.”

The police got a wind of the involvement when they got hold of her mobile chat with Rizwan. The officer stated:

“We later learnt that the person was Udita. The chat was about CDRs and charges. That’s why we have summoned her. She and her husband have co-operated with us.”

Though she might be called again for giving a statement, there are no allegations against her.

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