Uday Chopra’s Tweets Makes No Sense So Twitterati Troll Him With Rib-Tickling Replies

Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 5:13 pm

Uday Chopra is not much in news for so many months now. We don’t even get to see him in any commercial or serials or movies.



Then where is he?

Let us tell you that he isn’t working on any secret project. You just need to see his Twitter handle and you will get to know the reason behind his disappearance. His Twitter handle is full of tweets that makes no sense at all!

Is it this hard for you to believe us? Then go on and take a look our compilation of Uday Chopra’s tweets:


With so much of nonsense, it’s impossible for Twitterati to show any mercy on him:

Wait! Uday Chopra’s best tweet is this:

But the man has got people who show interest in his tweets:

And this is what those people get as an answer:

Uday, how could you be this vella?