Uday Chopra Is So Vella That He Started Competing With Sunny Leone On Twitter

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 5:29 pm


After a series of controversies, Sunny Leone is seriously pissed off with the media and the best place to vent out all her frustration is the gym. Recently, she Tweeted a couple of pictures of her doing planks.

And then, an uninvited guest, Uday Chopra, the forever vella actor, praised her efforts. Sunny Leone thanked him for this sweet gesture.



But Uday is not dumb enough to hamper the little attention he was getting on Twitter, so, he decided to compete with her.


Just like any other actress,  Sunny was also least interested in working  competing with him.


As Uday has always been the brand ambassador of unemployment, he took vellpanti to the next level on one foot.


After this dumb act, Sunny didn’t reply to him.

Smart move, Sunny.

Meanwhile, we were wondering,





As expected.