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Uday Chopra Offers A Thoughtful Idea To Sort Trolls With Swara Bhaskar’s Support. Both End Up Getting Trolled!

Published on 30 June, 2018 at 12:28 pm By

We are living in the era of internet where people and celebrities from all walks of life can connect with each other. All thanks to the social media, people can share their views, appreciate and slam celebrities with just a few clicks. And the best, or maybe the worst part of this platform is that sometimes people severely insult others publicly for the entire world to see. This has made some celebrities the favorite of trolls, including Uday Chopra and Swara Bhaskar.


People feel free to vent out their anger and hatred on almost everyone else present on social media. But some celebrities have been trolls’ special favorites, like Swara and Uday. And this has been proved yet again!



As far as Uday Chopra’s acting career is concerned, he hasn’t been able to do very well in the film industry. On screen, he was last seen in ‘Dhoom 3’ in 2013.



Irrespective of whatever Uday Chopra tweets, Twitterati don’t forget to remind him of his flop acting career and mention that he is “jobless”. Perhaps fed up with trolls, he tweeted a thoughtful solution for them. Check out his series of tweets below:






Just like every other time, this time as well, Twitterati did not fail to mock his tweet. Do check out Twitter’s response to Uday Chopra’s tweet below:



















Amidst all the trolls, actress Swara Bhaskar made a good attempt to come to Uday Chopra’s rescue with the following tweet:



However, she too ended up getting trolled. Here are the funniest responses to Swara Bhaskar’s reply on Uday Chopra’s tweet:








Don’t you think it was an epic insult for the two? Do let us know in the comments!

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