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‘Udaan’ Actor Writes About His Struggle After The Film, And Reveals The Bitter Side Of Bollywood

Updated on 8 June, 2017 at 11:31 am By

‘Udaan’ is a cult film, brilliantly made by Vikramaditya Motwane, and it touched millions with its gripping storyline. It realistically narrated a story of a rebellious guy aspiring to be a writer and many of us related to his journey. And, the hero of the film, Rajat Barmecha, became an overnight star.













It’s been seven years since ‘Udaan’ release, and his journey has not been easy.

Due to his absence from the big screen, some concluded that he might have quit the industry or perhaps, he is not taking acting seriously. But the truth is that Rajat is trying hard to make a name for himself in this “nepotism” world.

In fact, the actor starred in few short films, and one of his movies won a National Award, too. Also, his few other projects received global recognition. Inch by inch, the actor moved forward without any help.



In his Facebook post, he talks about his journey after ‘Udaan’ and why Bollywood is not an easy place to be.



There was a film that released in 2010 called #Udaan. A brilliant movie. A masterpiece they called it. Won Best Film Award everywhere. People couldn’t stop praising the film and the best part is that it deserved all the Accolades, Awards and Appreciation.
Now this film gave the Indian Film Industry a lot of ‘New talent.’ Many first timers. And out of all the first timers in the film, there was this young boy from Delhi who had no background in films. He was launched as the main protagonist of the film. And as you all know that boy is Me.

I got all the love and appreciation for the film. People wrote a lot of good things about me. They said…

“Barmecha anchors the film with a sensitive, heartfelt turn that is possibly among the best you’ve seen recently.”

“Barmecha is raw talent and displays a wide emotional range with panache.”

“Barmecha is a fresh-faced delight.”

“Rajat Barmecha as Rohan is a precious find.”

And much more!!

I loved all of it and it gave me a big confidence boost. Because I never knew if I could Act or no. I had no formal training in Acting nor did I come from a family with Actors or directors or producers or anyone even closely related to films. So for me it was all New.



The reason I am writing this today is because for the past few weeks I am meeting a lot of people or hearing about a lot of them who are asking me or my family or friends many questions.

What is #RajatBarmecha doing now a days?

Why didn’t he do many films after his brilliant Udaan?

Why does he travel so much and not focus on his career?

Why is he not taking his Acting Career seriously?

He is such a great Actor…could have done so well…why doesn’t he go for meetings when called?

Why is he so arrogant? I have heard he is. Must be true.


So today I sat down thinking let me just clear it all together. For the people who are so interested in judging me even without knowing me personally or professionally and also for the people who genuinely care about me and my career, to get all their answers right.

I love my profession. I love to Act. It’s the only profession I can imagine myself to be in. When I came to Bombay I didn’t know much about cinema. All I knew was Name, Fame and money. But Udaan and specially Vikramaditya Motwane taught me everything I know about Cinema. Udaan was my film school. I knew that I want to be in this profession to Act and not just to become a star and make a lot of money.

I have always been a little choosy when it comes to the kind of films I want to be a part of. But that doesn’t mean after all the appreciation I got after Udaan I was flooded with offers. I got many offers but most of them were from people who wanted to make another Udaan or another Delhi Belly or another Dil Chahta Hai. I would rather do 1 good film than be a part of 5 bad films with a lot of money or big stars. I chose to be wise and not take up random films just for money.
I waited…
Did a film called Disco Valley with Viacom films but it never released.
Waited more…
Did a few short films out of which one won a National Award and the rest went to a lot of Film Festivals abroad.
Waited again…
But at some point you do need money to survive in a city like Bombay.
So I did a couple of projects just for money and they turned out to be real bad. I felt horrible.
And then I strictly decided not to be a part of projects I don’t believe in. Because I know I don’t have a Godfather sitting with me and giving me films after films. I have to make my own path without any help at all.

I waited more and did a film recently directed by Imtiaz Ali’s associate which is in post production now. And hopefully will be out this year.



I got a lot of Respect as an Actor from almost all the ‘Big Names’ of the film industry…Got a lot of appreciation…Everyone said he is a brilliant Actor…Will go real far…None of those guys offered me any films. But I don’t have anything against anyone. This is not at all a hate post or a rant or anything negative, not even close. This is just for the people asking a lot of questions and thinking I am not doing much because I am not serious about Acting. I wanted them to know that whatever I have done, I have done it all on my own. And I am proud of it. Please don’t judge me because you don’t know my side of the story and above all you don’t know me.

So for all you guys who think I am not doing much or I am ‘Not serious’ about my profession or I am ‘wasting my time travelling’…I appreciate your concern and your interest in my life and my career but trust me I AM GOOD.





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