Uber Suddenly Removes Its UberAUTO Service In Delhi

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1:22 pm 9 Dec, 2015


About seven months after its launch, transport service provider Uber has ‘paused’ its auto-rickshaw service in Delhi.

The service called UberAUTO, was an attempt by the car-hailing app to localize to the Indian market.



The company has not provide any specific timeline for relaunching the service.

UberAUTO competed with a similar service from Ola.

In a press statement, Uber said:

“At Uber, we continuously experiment with products to ensure that we can provide the most efficient, affordable, and reliable ride to everyone everywhere. We are temporarily removing this product to solve specific problems that need to be resolved to help it scale.”


Uber in the past has faced a lot of criticism due to their lack of security for the passengers, with few being even attacked by Uber drivers.

The three-wheelers are an affordable and popular mode of transportation in Delhi, and mobile apps like UberAUTO, Ola, Jugnoo, MGaadi and AutoWale have made them even more accessible to its passengers.

Even the government has dipped into this initiative and introduced its own auto-rickshaw hailing app called PoochO.

Reportedly, Uber has received a good feedback in Delhi, but it was not able to expand its auto-rickshaw aggregation experiment into any other Indian city.


Though the number of auto-rickshaws registered with Uber is not clear, its competitor Ola is said to be operating 16,000 auto-rickshaws in Delhi alone.

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