Uber’s New Safety Feature Will Connect The Rider To Local Police Instantly

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5:56 pm 8 Oct, 2015

Taxi-hailing app Uber, which provides service in 22 Indian cities, has enhanced the safety feature in its app.

Riders will now be able to access a new Help button that connects them instantly to local authorities in case of an emergency.

The ‘Help’ button has replaced the in-app SOS button.

So, how does it work?

One touch allows riders to trigger a real-time Safety Emergency Alert to Uber and the local authorities. Once the Safety Emergency function is triggered, three things happen:

1) Riders get an option to connect with the local police via a phone call. If they accept,

2) Instant alerts with complete rider, driver and trip information are sent to:

  • The local Police authorities in cities that have deployed Uber’s SOS alert solution.
  • Uber’s 24×7 Incident Response Team monitors the trip in real-time, provides instant phone support and relays critical trip information to the police.

3) An automated text message is sent to pre-selected Emergency Contacts with detailed trip status, allowing them to monitor the trip in real-time via GPS.

Check out the video below to see how the system works.

The US-based firm is mired in controversy after a woman was allegedly raped by a Uber cab driver in New Delhi.

Since the incident, Uber has taken multiple steps to improve rider safety. Some of them included independent background screening of all its drivers, masking passengers’ and drivers’ phone numbers from each other, and sharing live GPS location with pre-selected emergency contacts.


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