This Uber Eats Deliveryman Ate Customer’s Food Before Delivering While No One Was Around!

11:12 am 5 Oct, 2018


What do you do when it’s two o’clock in the morning and you are having a craving to eat a chocolate cake? Well, the best solution is to order the food from a food delivering app or website. The very concept of food delivering apps sounds awesome. And Uber Eats is among the top food delivering apps which satisfy the hunger of many consumers out there. In India too the app is quite popular. In fact, I am sure that many of us must be having the app in our phones. As consumers, we are bound to trust these services, but what happens when the guy who brings you your delivery, cannot help but take a bite? Yes, I am talking about an Uber Eats deliveryman who ate the food of his customer!

Like I said, as a millennial, I love the idea of such apps. I mean whenever I am hungry. I can order whatever the hell I want to. But this is something which I wasn’t expecting.




An incident has come to the light in which a delivery man, who is probably an employee of Uber Eats has been spotted eating from the delivery.

According to a media report, this happened in Melbourne, and Eddie McGuire’s friend captured this incident. For those who don’t know, Eddie is a radio host. The shocking incident was captured on the security camera of Eddie’s friend.  Eddie even told his listeners that his order was often light weighted.



The same report quoted an UberEats spokesperson saying:

“We know how important food safety is, and we ask delivery partners to take great care during the delivery process to ensure the quality of meals they deliver for restaurants reflect the restaurant’s standards.”


The spokesman further stated:

“Delivery partners using UberEats are expected to comply with the Uber Eats community guidelines which explain they can lose access to the app for tampering with orders. We encourage users of the app to contact us with any concerns or issues they may be having and we will work to resolve these with them.”



Apparently, it is a fry. The video of this deliveryman from Australia has gone viral. Take a look at the video in which the Uber Eats deliveryman can be clearly seen eating the fries from the paper bag which reads Uber Eats:




This incident is a shocker, isn’t it?

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