Drunk Uber Driver Forced This Man To Drive The Cab Himself. Netizens Called It A Routine Affair

5:23 pm 16 Sep, 2018


Just a day back, I discussed something about traveling in a cab and its expenses with one of my colleagues. I briefly narrated a horrible experience I witnessed with an Uber driver on August 2 in which I along with my two friends  wasted over two hours arguing with an Uber driver over a huge amount that he charged after reaching the destination. After all our efforts discussing the issue with the customer care gone wasted, we ended up paying the amount.

In a bizarre case, a man in Bengaluru had to sit on the driving seat of an Uber cab and was forced to drive himself home after the driver reached there drunk.



Narrating his horrific experience on Twitter, the man, named Surya Oruganti, said that the ride back from Bengaluru airport was not quite what he expected. He said that the driver was drunk and drowsy and that he had to pull the car over to the side and drive all the way home.



Surya Oruganti narrated the bizarre incident with two pictures to support his claim. This is what he wrote and posted:



He also took a video and posted on Twitter to make sure that his claim is genuine.



In his subsequent tweets, Surya said that he has reported the details asking that the driver’s behavior needs to be caught and checked as it is a very serious safety issue. However, he claimed that Uber safety team called him back about 20 hours later and said that he shouldn’t drive a cab as that’s a safety hazard.

Uber India Support has responded with some tweets after the incident has come to their notice.




However, Twitteratti has taken the matter seriously and took to the social media platform to went out their anger for poor service and lack of proper safety policies and system from the company. Take a look at how people have reacted:


This is no longer a news!



Safety the least concern for Uber!



Similar incident from Kolkata airport.



Driver and vehicle different from what is shown in the app, not the first time!



Lack of live support a major threat to the security of passengers on Uber.



Yes, Uber needs to read this.



This sounds true and makes sense.



Uber a lot less safe than Ola.



Can’t call back as no customer support number, Ola is way better.



This is true.



Meanwhile, let’s wait and see what changes Uber will come up with in the days to come for the safety of passengers.