Uber Driver Took Pills To Keep Himself Awake But Dozed Off MidWay, Alleges Passenger

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5:10 pm 20 May, 2016


Uber is under fire once again. A driver of the taxi aggregator’s app allegedly dozed off while driving a passenger from New Delhi to Gurgaon.


A financial analyst Ishaan Gill booked a cab from Defence Colony in Delhi to go to Gurgaon on May 15. But, he was in a shock when the driver suddenly dozed off.

“The cab reached an hour late and the driver Ajay seemed dizzy. I asked him if he was OK and he nodded in positive. At Aurobindo Marg, I stopped texting and looked ahead on the road. To my amazement, the driver was about to hit a divider. As I looked towards him, he had completely dozed off,” Gill told HT.


The 23-year-old told the driver to park the car and has to drive the car all the way to Gurgaon. He posted about the incident on Facebook and said:


Later, he informed Uber about the incident  the morning through an email and a feedback form. “I just wanted them to ensure background check of drivers. What if he hit the car?” Gill asked.