Contact Uber For Puppies And Not Cars This Weekend

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5:30 pm 19 Feb, 2016

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” – M.K. Clinton 

Last year on July 8th, Uber gave this special service of ‘Puppies On-Demand’ to the citizens of the Capital and now again Uber has decided to spread happiness along with a beautiful motive in Mumbai. 20th February is ‘The Love Your Pet Day’ (though we understand that there shouldn’t be just a single day for doing a good deed). Still, to spread awareness about the importance of dog adoption rather than buying puppies from cruel breeders, Uber has partnered with animal care and adoption NGO World For All to launch a service called ‘Puppies On-Demand’.


Some of the puppies, who will be the part of this campaign!

The campaign is just for a day. If you want to avail this service, you need to log in to Uber between 2 and 4 PM. They have added a new option to the slider called ‘UberPuppies’. You can book puppies in the same manner as you book an Uber cab.

And, the magic will happen. Within the mentioned time-frame, puppies will be at your door for 15 minutes of playtime.


Give an animal a second chance, and the love and care it deserves by adopting one!


The idea behind the collaboration to promote animal adoption among the masses and stop them from buying pets from breeders. Buying from breeders is in turn leading to animal cruelty. It is not just about having some good 15 minutes with animals, there is this deep thought behind it.

You can watch WFA’s cute adoption videos and also you can read the views of the people who have already adopted pets.

People are overwhelmed with the idea Uber has come with:

“I am extremely delighted that Uber has approached World For All to collaborate on such an exciting project. This initiative will truly raise opportunities for stray animals in Mumbai and spread awareness about their adoption in a fun and interactive way,” said Shahira Sunder, VP, World For All Animal Care And Adoptions.


World For All also gave details about the puppies:

Thunder and Bolt: WFA’s volunteer spotted these two adorable inseparable siblings running here and there on a busy road but couldn’t spot their mother or the rest of the litter. Since then, they are moving from one foster to another in a hope of getting adopted one day.

Mishka: She is an orphaned puppy who was found alone and extremely scared under a car. But now she opened up a lot , is really intelligent and love  hopping on two legs, using her foster sibling doggies as pillows and eating lemon grass leaves.

Bubu: Bubu is a handsome and  active puppy. He can beat any dog in high jump. He was lost in few days when he came to foster home. As he was scared but has now became a star among all the others.

Lola: Lola is a special case. She was found by a World For All employee trying to cross the road at three-to-four weeks of age. Since then, she has been under foster care, and at a month and a half, has already started getting along with other pups and dogs.

Hope you get to spend some good time with these adorable babies. Keep trying for those two hours as most of us will be doing the same. And for Uber, we will just say that you have come up with a great concept. Only one request: it will be great if you start this adorable service in other cities as well!

Credit: Home Grown


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