A Strong Message From This Gangtok Boy Will Surely Win Every Patriot’s Heart

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5:19 pm 10 Aug, 2016

Do you love India? This is for you.

One evening, Nido Tania, on losing his way approached a shop that read, ‘Rajasthan Paneer Shop’ to ask for directions. The shop keeper looked back at Nido’s blonde hair and ridiculed the young student. A brawl erupted, and Nido broke the glass door of the sweet shop. In retaliation, the shopkeeper smashed Nido’s head with an iron rod. The injury was so severe, Nido succumbed to it the very next day.

In another incident, three students from Manipur were asked to lower their voices in a local restaurant in Bangalore. They replied back in English, but as the locals could not understand the language, they asked the students to talk in Kannada. One of the locals, then shouted, “You are living in Karnataka, you have to speak in Kannada or else, get lost from this state.”

People from North East continue to complain about racial discrimination. Some of them retaliate with anger, like the guy who broke the glass door. But, there are others, trying to change people’s perception, more peacefully.

Watch how this boy from Gangtok speaks his mind out, and what a strong message he has for the nation:

Source: U.N.B

Show your support to the cause this Independence Day. Let us help this Gangtok guy in spreading his powerful message.

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